14 February 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am having the best day! Well, it started out a little crappy. Blue woke up at 7 am (she usually sleeps until 8 or so) and when I went into her room to get her, she was standing there in her crib completely naked. She has a very naughty habit of taking off her jammies and her diaper sometimes in the night. At least her diaper was only a wet one, because sometimes this is a very messy little scenario. So I gave my wet, stinky little cupid a bath and we went downstairs.

For Valentine's Day, Jonathan gave me the new Weezer CD! I just love Weezer! I just love Jonathan! He's so good to me! He will be getting home late tonight (Tuesdays are his day in the office) so we are ordering take-out for dinner. I can't wait. I just love General Tso's Chicken!

So Blue and I went to my doctor's appointment with the new Weezer CD blasting (she sang along) and my appointment went great.

This was my last appointment before the c-section. I can't believe in seven days I will finally meet my son. "My son." It sounds so strange to me. It's funny. You always wonder what your children will look like, be like, be interested in... Soon I will know. I know with Blue I pictured a bald baby with dark eyes. Probably because Jonathan and I were both bald babies. And then she had so much hair when she was born it was ridiculous. She even had hair on her back and on the tips of her ears! So now I am picturing another hairy baby, so watch him be bald... But I wonder if his hair will be dark like Jonathan's and mine, or light brown like Blue's? Will he have my eyes or Jonathan's? Will he be tall like Blue? Will he cry as much as she did? Will he be as good a sleeper as she is? Man, I hope so!

I am just so happy right at this moment. The only dark spots on my heart today are 1) the constant nagging fear that something will go wrong with the baby and 2) sadness for Andrea because she and Danny have broken up. But the fears about the baby are not nearly as strong as last time, because now I've gotten through a pregnancy to the end and had a healthy baby. And my sadness for Dree is not too overwhelming, because she has been so strong. But I know today must be a difficult day for her, so she has been on my mind even more than usual. It's just so hard to be so far away from her. I feel very removed from the situation since I only met Danny once, so it's hard for me to know what to say that could be helpful. I am thankful that she has such amazing friends around her in New York and that her mom and dad are so wonderfully supportive, but I still wish I could help somehow, too...

Dree, if you read this: I LOVE YOU!

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