29 June 2007

things i love - #26

I meant to post this on Wednesday, but as I just mentioned,
Wednesday was a little crazy here.

Cheerio, you amazing man...
...and now I'm going to go have a cup of tea.


What a week. The Lion has learned to climb up onto the couch! Jonathan walked into the living room the other night and there was Lion, sitting on the couch with Blue. He is very proud of himself, and his Daddy, a former rock climber, is very proud of the various moves the Lion employs to get up there. I think he's making them up, personally, because they sound like names my brother, George, would have invented as a kid (the toe grab, the heel hook) but Jonathan assures me these are actual rock climbing terms...

Blue pooped in the potty on Wednesday! It was so random. I was babysitting Barbra's little boy, Lucas, that day so our house was in a state of constant noise and chaos. It's amazing how adding one more child to the population increases the noise level so drastically! But Barbra brought me a batch of her famous Peanut-Butter-Cookies-Stuffed-with-Candy-Bars so I just ate the entire batch and enjoyed my sugar high all afternoon. God, those things are delicious! I really did eat the entire batch that afternoon.

Anyway, in the midst of the cookies and chaos, Blue came out of the bathroom and announced, "I just pooped in the potty" and then went into the playroom to play. I was shocked. I praised her and praised her and gave her a hug and did a little dance and she just acted like it was no big deal. She was very blase and un-Bluelike.

When Barbra's mother came to pick Lucas up that evening, I told her the big news.

"Good for you, Blue! What a big girl--pooping in the potty! That's a big deal," she told her.

"Want to see the poop?" Blue asked her.

"Um, no thanks," Barbra's mother said.

23 June 2007

wish me luck!

Jonny and I are just about to leave to go to Adrienne's birthday party. We're all going to a restaurant in Old Town with belly dancers(!) and then we are going to an Irish pub--it is going to be a multicultural celebration.

I plan to drink my ass off--so tomorrow be prepared for a regretful post full of me swearing to lay off the demon liquor for ever and ever. Like I always do. Sigh. Will I never learn?

22 June 2007

out of practice

I haven't blogged in a very looooong time. Oops about that, is all I can say. Things have been very busy here at our house. And when I say "things" I mean me. I have been very busy. And my dear, over-worked husband. He has been busy as well, of course. And the toddlers. They, too, have been very hyper and busy.

Not meaning to sound mysterious, but there is a scheme in the works here at our house. That's right, a scheme.

On the domestic front, since we may not now be moving to England next year, I have been busily decorating the house. Blue is now in our former guest room in a beautiful pink and cream and white room that looks like something out of Pottery Barn kids, only on a much smaller budget.

The Lion is now in Blue's old room, which is still light blue.

His old room is now the guest room, which I am painting a soft lavender. Jonathan is teasing me about all of the room changes. Ha ha, honey, can I just say you are hilarious, but keep it up and your new room will be the garage.

Lion is making up for lost time. He is talking his little fat head off--picking up new words daily, although I am ashamed to say most of them are television characters. How pathetic is it really that his vocabulary includes: Dora, Nemo, Ernie, Cookie (short for Cookie Monster), and Diego?

And Blue is being nicer to Lion, thank God! We have been going overboard with the praise whenever she is nice to him. She eats it up. But what a little stinker. She has a real gift for making me feel like a complete loser. Two examples of this talent in action:

1. Every morning, I pop 3 frozen pancakes into the microwave for each toddler and squirt some syrup on them. If we have any, I also chop up a banana for each of them. All this before my coffee, so I have considered this quite a feat. But the other morning, as I took Blue's pancakes out of the microwave to tear them into little pieces, Blue says to me, very sweetly, "Mommy, you're a good cooker." And I instantly felt like a complete loser.

2. Blue was about to push the Lion, so I said, "No pushing Lion!" She smiles up at me and says, again so sweetly, "But, Mommy, I love you." Man, is this kid good...

06 June 2007


Blue told her first joke today.

Blue: Knock-knock.
Jonathan: Who's there?
Blue: Bluebird
Jonathan: Bluebird who?
Blue: Banana!


I am having a very run-down-stay-at-home-mommy day. The place is a wreck and I am a sort-of wreck, too, but at least I am a clean wreck because I finally managed to take a shower even though it is 3:30 in the afternoon.

I am doing laundry. Whites. Because the Lion peed all over my bathroom floor and the fluffy white bath rug last night as I was preparing to toss him in the bathtub. It was so hilarious. I had just plopped Blue in the water and undressed the Lion to toss him in there too, when I pulled off his diaper and felt something on my hand. Something wet. Before I could comprehend what it was, I looked down and there is my fat little Cupid, standing with one hand on the tub and one on his belly like some gaudy fountain ... just peeing... with this abstract look on his face, totally and completely unaware that he was peeing all over my clean floor.

Is this a boy thing? Blue, in all her almost-three years has never peed on the floor. (We do have a staunch "No pooping in the tub" rule which we instituted shortly after an unfortunate incident while vacationing in Myrtle Beach.) But, I had to wonder, as I was on my knees, scrubbing urine off of my bathroom floor last night, Is this what I have to look forward to, with a boy in the house? And then I wondered, Is that sexist?

So I am doing laundry. I am laundering. And I have been playing nurse, because Blue got a hideous splinter in her finger today while I was filling their baby pool on the deck. That sucker was ginormous. I thought for a while there that I was going to have to take her to the pediatrician and see if they could get the thing out. Nasty. But after much crying and sweating and yelling (from both mother and daughter), the splinter is finally out.  Blue got a Wiggles band aid, and I feel like I need a stiff drink. Seriously. Not to sound overly dramatic, but I feel like some doctor out of a Civil War movie or something, operating on that poor little finger without any ether...

01 June 2007

things i love - #25

spending time with my friends


Olivia told me that Adrienne was a little hurt. She was reading my blog and said that I talked about all of the DWAFS: Katherine and Kris got degrees (yay), Barbra had a baby (yay), Olivia is Certified Massage Therapist (yay), Elisa is engaged (yay) and Adrienne ... brought Swedish meatballs to my house.

Did I say it like that? Oops. They were really good meatballs. But, for the record, my friend Adrienne is smart, sassy and wickedly funny. And she could easily kick my ass. Even if she does, unfortunately, have tiny little Tyrannosaur-arms.