22 June 2007

out of practice

I haven't blogged in a very looooong time. Oops about that, is all I can say. Things have been very busy here at our house. And when I say "things" I mean me. I have been very busy. And my dear, over-worked husband. He has been busy as well, of course. And the toddlers. They, too, have been very hyper and busy.

Not meaning to sound mysterious, but there is a scheme in the works here at our house. That's right, a scheme.

On the domestic front, since we may not now be moving to England next year, I have been busily decorating the house. Blue is now in our former guest room in a beautiful pink and cream and white room that looks like something out of Pottery Barn kids, only on a much smaller budget.

The Lion is now in Blue's old room, which is still light blue.

His old room is now the guest room, which I am painting a soft lavender. Jonathan is teasing me about all of the room changes. Ha ha, honey, can I just say you are hilarious, but keep it up and your new room will be the garage.

Lion is making up for lost time. He is talking his little fat head off--picking up new words daily, although I am ashamed to say most of them are television characters. How pathetic is it really that his vocabulary includes: Dora, Nemo, Ernie, Cookie (short for Cookie Monster), and Diego?

And Blue is being nicer to Lion, thank God! We have been going overboard with the praise whenever she is nice to him. She eats it up. But what a little stinker. She has a real gift for making me feel like a complete loser. Two examples of this talent in action:

1. Every morning, I pop 3 frozen pancakes into the microwave for each toddler and squirt some syrup on them. If we have any, I also chop up a banana for each of them. All this before my coffee, so I have considered this quite a feat. But the other morning, as I took Blue's pancakes out of the microwave to tear them into little pieces, Blue says to me, very sweetly, "Mommy, you're a good cooker." And I instantly felt like a complete loser.

2. Blue was about to push the Lion, so I said, "No pushing Lion!" She smiles up at me and says, again so sweetly, "But, Mommy, I love you." Man, is this kid good...

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Roxanna said...

I have to say the rooms really do look good and I cannot wait to see the guess bedroom when you are done with it. I should pay you to come over and fix up my rooms : )