19 September 2010

crescent moon sprint triathlon

Just a quick shout out to my fierce husband who is competing in his second triathlon sprint today! I am so nervous and proud and excited!

My stomache is in knots. He signed up for this one a few months ago but has really been so insanely busy that his training has been ... Compromised? Sporadic? A few bike rides and some jogging?


The man is determined, people. That's for sure. He says he will cross that finish line no matter what.

I am so proud of him. I think he is insane. But I am so proud of him.

10 September 2010

tick tock

Sigh. So I have not blogged in a long time. A very very long time. I have been busy, yes, but mostly I have been battling an epic case of homesickness. And have just been blue and not in a sharing mood. That is all.

But I am staying busy. This semester I am taking two evening classes, Algebra and Pathophysiology, and I am really enjoying both of them. (Yes, even the Algebra!) But it is rough, being in school four nights a week...

We are still number four on the list to adopt. I hate waiting.

And the kids have grown up practically overnight.  Lion  is in preschool now. And he told me he likes it "a little bit."

Blue turned six a few weeks ago and is in first grade.

She is gorgeous, high-spirited, loving school and she told me the other night that I am lame. I feel like I am grasping onto their childhood with both sweaty hands and it is just slipping away from me...