30 November 2006


Popular Wiggles Singer Quits Due to Health Woes

Popular Wiggles Singer Quits Due to Health Woes

Greg Wiggle is retiring due to a chronic health condition. Nooooooo! Not only is Greg the lead singer of the Wiggles, but he is also my own personal favorite Wiggle.

At least his illness is not life-threatening. The guy is only 34. And he is a father.

Professor Singalottasonga will be the new yellow Wiggle. He is a very good singer as well. Jonathan and I saw him perform in August when Greg had to bow out due to health. But. He is no Greg Wiggle, I'm sorry to say. I can't help thinking he shouldn't wear yellow. They should make him some other color completely. How about an orange Wiggle?

I wonder how this will impact kids. Like my own Blue who still would rather watch the Wiggles over any other show. Hmmm... Should be interesting...

Anyway, good luck, Greg Page. You will be very, very missed...

22 November 2006

Thankful for

Tomorrow is Jonathan's birthday. It seems appropriate to me that his birthday falls on Thanksgiving. I am so thankful that I found him. That he picked me. That we have this amazing life together. I definitely do not take him or our life for granted. Ever.

What a wonderful year this has been. It seems like every year is better than the one before. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!

So, Happy Birthday, Honey, I love you, and I hope you like this little slideshow I put together for you:

The Perfect Father

21 November 2006

say what?!

As Jonathan was ducking out the door this morning to go to the office, Blue yelled,

"Bye, Daddy! Don't fart!"

19 November 2006

my blog blue

I have entered a blue phase. Maybe my manly husband has finally rubbed off on me or something. Jeez, how dirty did that sound? Anyway, I decided to redo my blog. No more pink. Pink is sooo yesterday.

I even renamed it. The whole "News from a Broad" thing made me feel like I was ripping off the really clever feminist world news column in "Bust" magazine. Plus, my blog isn't exactly news, nor am I abroad.

18 November 2006

Shenandoah National Park

We went up Skyline Drive today with the babies. It was very cold, but they were both such good sports! What a beautiful, crisp Autumn day. Blue was very excited to see 7 "deers." We watched them eating by the side of the road. According to Blue they were eating dirt.

She called Jonathan "Hon" this morning like I do. Maybe I can teach her to call him Daddy the Hun. That would be cute.


Andrea visited this week. It was so wonderful to have her here. And she was very much all mine this week, because she was not teaching (except for one Pilates class) while she was here this time. It reminded me a little of our old high school days--just munching on potato chips and watching movies and talking about boys. Except now we were watching Disney movies with my children instead of "Grease" and instead of staying up all night we would sensibly decide to go to bed after taking our various medications and supplements.

It is crazy to me how different our lives are! And what an amazing friend she is to me--to listen to my mundane lifestories and not to yawn, but to actually seem interested in my stay-at-home lifestyle.

She lives out of her very hip little blue suitcase most of the time. When she's not on a plane or bouncing from Paris hotel to flat in London, she is nesting in her tiny scrap of an apartment in Brooklyn, sipping coffee and catching up on her emails on her Mac. She has a Mac, for God's sake. I would have never considered getting a Mac! In my defense, who in Virginia buys a Mac? But having seen it, I covet it. It's this little sleek white notebook and it really does seem to make much more sense than our PC.

I covet so much about her life. Not just the traveling and how damn taut her body is, but her adorable non-HairCuttery haircut, her pretty bangly earrings, her gorgeous sweaters. I find myself analyzing her style while she is talking, soaking it in, hoping some will wear off on me. I know I am a Mom, but I hate that I look like one! Even when I leave the babies with Jonathan for the afternoon and escape to Target to wander around and touch the pretty, pretty bath towels I'll still bet people look at me and think, "There goes a Mom." My jeans are always stained. My hair is always in a ponytail because I can never be bothered to brush it let alone wash it. And I always wear sneakers.

Anyway, here is a picture of Andrea with little Lion. It's not as clear as the ones she took this week (with her sleek little camera) that I posted earlier.

15 November 2006

12 November 2006

from the Onion

What Will We Eventually Get Around To Bringing In From The Car?

1. Bag of cat litter
2. Birth-control pills
3. 437 Wendy's Big Bacon Classic Wrappers
4. Grandma's ashes
5. Chinese ambassador
6. Yaz Upstairs At Eric's cassette
7. Mangled deer carcass

11 November 2006

10 November 2006

Tonight in Borders

Jonathan and I were talking while Blue waved a little board book at us and pointed to one of the pages.

"What the heck izzatttt?"

09 November 2006

His name was Rob.

His name was Rob. He was 28 years old. He passed away Friday in the arms of his soulmate, Jonathan's cousin, Jill.

He was Jill's best friend. They had been friends or more since childhood. Theirs was like a relationship in a movie on the Hallmark channel. Almost too close to be believed. They had just gotten back together for good last year, after a few years of trying life out as Just Friends and deciding they definitely wanted/needed to be together. And then the cancer came back. It just doesn't make any sense to me. These were two people who were simply meant to be together.

They were together in the end. Jill took care of him. Now she is so sad, and so utterly alone. I hate feeling so helpless, wishing there was anything, anything I could do for her and her parents.

It's tempting to feel frustrated because they wasted any of their precious time being apart. But even that separation was meant to be, I guess. Jill has a little girl, Gracie, who was Rob's god-daughter and real daughter in every sense but the biological one. And you have to wonder, if Jill and Rob had stayed together all along, she might not have little Gracie, who is Jill's biggest motivation now to drag herself out of bed in the morning.

His funeral was the saddest one I have ever attended. Jonathan and I were saying it is the first time in our lives that someone our age lost their partner. We have both lost grandparents and relatives, but this was someone so young, and so very, very loved. My heart just aches for Jill. To be so young and to lose this one person you just assumed would always be there. I try to wrap my mind around it, the idea of losing your other half, and I feel cold and clammy and a little nauseous.

All I can do is love my husband like crazy and pray very hard and very, very often for Jill and her family and Rob's family, and little Gracie.

08 November 2006

We Did It!!!!!

i loves me some Nancy P

I am in such shock and I am so excited! I had refused to let myself hope that this could actually happen!

What a beautiful, beautiful day...

The crazy thing is, Jonathan and I almost didn't vote yesterday. I know, I know. And we always vote--even in the Primary. The thing is, we were in New Jersey for a funeral yesterday (I'll talk more about that later) and we didn't know if we would make it back in time to vote. I told Jonathan it was up to him--that our 2 votes wouldn't make that much difference in the long run. Which is an awful way to talk, I know, but living in a red state, I'm used to my votes not counting. And it was very important that we be at the funeral.

And how crazy is it that the results now hinge on Virginia?! Jonathan keeps saying, "Imagine how pissed we would be at ourselves right now if we hadn't voted?"

The whole thing is so ridiculous--a recount? Like that will make such a complete difference. Has it always been this way? Have there always been incumbents who refuse to concede until the cows come home? Jonathan was saying it is all just to buy some time, so that we don't have such an awesomely overwhelming day--gaining control of everything at once and waving good-bye to Rumsfeld. This way, the Republicans can drag it out for a while and by the time Allen concedes, it will be kind of anticlimactic.

02 November 2006

This is Just to Say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

William Carlos Williams

01 November 2006