18 November 2006


Andrea visited this week. It was so wonderful to have her here. And she was very much all mine this week, because she was not teaching (except for one Pilates class) while she was here this time. It reminded me a little of our old high school days--just munching on potato chips and watching movies and talking about boys. Except now we were watching Disney movies with my children instead of "Grease" and instead of staying up all night we would sensibly decide to go to bed after taking our various medications and supplements.

It is crazy to me how different our lives are! And what an amazing friend she is to me--to listen to my mundane lifestories and not to yawn, but to actually seem interested in my stay-at-home lifestyle.

She lives out of her very hip little blue suitcase most of the time. When she's not on a plane or bouncing from Paris hotel to flat in London, she is nesting in her tiny scrap of an apartment in Brooklyn, sipping coffee and catching up on her emails on her Mac. She has a Mac, for God's sake. I would have never considered getting a Mac! In my defense, who in Virginia buys a Mac? But having seen it, I covet it. It's this little sleek white notebook and it really does seem to make much more sense than our PC.

I covet so much about her life. Not just the traveling and how damn taut her body is, but her adorable non-HairCuttery haircut, her pretty bangly earrings, her gorgeous sweaters. I find myself analyzing her style while she is talking, soaking it in, hoping some will wear off on me. I know I am a Mom, but I hate that I look like one! Even when I leave the babies with Jonathan for the afternoon and escape to Target to wander around and touch the pretty, pretty bath towels I'll still bet people look at me and think, "There goes a Mom." My jeans are always stained. My hair is always in a ponytail because I can never be bothered to brush it let alone wash it. And I always wear sneakers.

Anyway, here is a picture of Andrea with little Lion. It's not as clear as the ones she took this week (with her sleek little camera) that I posted earlier.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Andrea resemble her mother in that picture?!

Erin you need to stop thinking you are frumpy! You're looking thin and beautiful. By the way, I covet your pony tail....


girlysmack said...

Mom, you're the best!

Anonymous said...

Look at little Jack holding his own bottle. He wasn't doing that when I saw him last. He's growing so fast!!

So I was in Wal Mart yesterday in stained jeans and sneakers, my usual Sunday attire when I'm not working. Didn't know that made me look like a Mom.

Aunt D