19 November 2013

Guess who

I haven't written anything in such a long time.  A long, loooong time.  But I have started scribbling down some crappy poetry again and I thought, maybe I need to blog a bit.  Just to clear my throat a little.  Hear my own voice again.  And not just barking orders at little people to take things out of their mouths or to chew with their mouths closed.

Because somewhere down this road of parenthood, you get a bit obscured.  You see it in photographs. How the mommies are always either the one taking the photo or they are in the picture but  half-hidden behind their child, peeking over a little bony shoulder.

Going back to school has helped.  I made new friends.  And I have things to talk about with them.  Now instead of telling hilarious stories involving wiping a preschooler's mouth or behind, I regale my nursing school friends with stories involving wiping a patient's mouth or behind.  So there is that.

But still I feel a bit lost in the shuffle.  And what is a blog for, really, other than to talk about myself?  However interesting (or not) I may be.