31 December 2007


Jonathan and I finally rented "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" Saturday night. The movie was really good. I thought the director did an excellent job of condensing the story and moving it along at a good pace.

But it makes me wonder. Will Blue and the Lion see these movies before they ever read the books?

And I seriously hope not. I don't ever like to see a movie adaptation before reading the book first. I think it limits my ability to imagine the characters and settings for myself. And I just love to read a book, see the movie and then sit on the couch with Jonathan and analyze the hell out of the movie adaptation, critiquing everything from the casting to the costuming.

But in this day and age, will it be possible to protect my children from exposure to the Harry Potter films until they are old enough to read the novels for themselves?

i'm lovin' it

Blue calls this place "Old McDonald's"

29 December 2007

Welcome to Hell, I mean CandyLand

I hate CandyLand. Santa brought this game for Blue, and I thought it would be so much fun to sit down and play this game with my daughter... WRONG.
This game merely serves as an illustration of how freakin' impatient I am. I felt like such a crappy mommy sitting there with Blue:

Blue, pick a card. It's your turn. Bluee, pick a card, please. Blue? BLUE, PICK A CARD! No, just one card. Okay, now put the card down. Put the card down now, honey. Blue, stop kissing the card! Put the card down! No, Blue, the card doesn't go in that pile, it goes in this other pile. Please pick all the cards up, honey. Now let's move your man two green places! No, that one is Mommy's man. That one is your man. Your man is blue, remember? Move your man. Move your man, honey. No, the other way. Onto the green space. Now onto another green space. No, stop there. Just two green, remember? Put Mommy's man down, honey. I don't remember where it was. It doesn't matter. Just put him down somewhere. Pick up all the cards again, please.
AARGH! And this game, this sick, sick farce of a game goes on for ever. Just as Blue got close to the finishline, she drew a card with a gingerbread man on it that sent her all the way back to the beginning.

I wonder how many millions of times I will play this game. Because after Blue comes the Lion...

28 December 2007

on cooking, Corningware and conversation skills

I have no idea why I am in such a culinary mood today. Maybe because it is such a crisp, grey, English-looking day outside. Maybe I am just sick of eating leftover chips and dip and cookies all day.

Jonathan did make some delicious scalloped potatoes and (more of the leftover Christmas Day) ham yesterday, but we fell upon it like ravenous lions and it is gone, baby, gone.

So I made the soup. Which is alright. Jonny claims it is good enough that he would actually order it in a restaurant, but he is my husband so it is in his best interest to be complimentary. The rice pudding is in the oven right now and it is making the house smell fabulous.

Did I mention that I received about 1000 pieces of Corningware this Christmas? Well, I did. So I am putting it to good use.

I have to go. The Lion just asked me, "Canyou help me wif dis, Mommy? Canyou open dis, Mommy?" and I am so blown away by his conversational skills that I of course have to go and help him open whatever it is. Just my heart, probably.

Sigh. I love that boy so bad.

rice pudding made with the rice left over from our Chinese food

1 cup cooked rice
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup raisins

Combine ingredients and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

split pea and ham soup

I am making soup, using the ham bone from our Christmas ham. I have never made split pea and ham soup before and I'm not even too sure if I like split pea and ham soup, so I'll let you know how it turns out!

But here is the recipe for a basic, supposedly delicious split pea and ham soup, courtesy of allrecipes.com:
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • 1 pound dried split peas
  • 1 pound ham bone
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. In a medium pot, saute onions in oil or bacon grease. Remove from heat and add split peas, ham bone or chopped ham. Add enough water to cover ingredients, and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Cover, and cook until there are no peas left, just a green liquid, 2 hours. While it is cooking, check to see if water has evaporated. You may need to add more water as the soup continues to cook.
  3. Once the soup is a green liquid remove from heat, and let stand so it will thicken. Once thickened you may need to heat through to serve.

27 December 2007

back in the saddle again

It is hard to return to the mundane life after Christmas. What a wonderful holiday... It was very weird not seeing my sister-in-law, Leila. I think this was the first Christmas in like fifteen years that I didn't see her and exchange hugs and presents. It is very unsettling having her in Iraq. I have not been blogging about it, because I know my niece, Emily, reads my blog and I don't want to make her sadder than she is already. But it really is very weird that so much time has gone by without talking to her. I miss her a lot.

She gave Jonathan and I (most of the family, really) an American flag that flew over her base in Iraq. So that is a very cool, very priceless gift.

Santa was very good to me this year. I actually received 4 dinner plates from Emma Bridgewater's Toast & Marmalade line that I posted a picture of a few months ago:

I am in such shock, really. I never, ever imagined Jonny would actually track some of these down for me and as they are rather expensive in the States I feel a bit pretentious and snobby even owning them. But, God, they are perfection...

I am really very content right now. I got a gift card to Target from my Aunt D and I cannot imagine what to buy with it--which is a first for me. I feel like I have everything I could ever want.

Alright, this is a very funny story. And anyone within hearing distance of me all week has heard it a million times already. Sorry! But it's so funny I have to tell it again.

I bought a little jar of cat treats for my Aunt D's cat for Christmas.

Jonathan saw the treats while unloading our groceries and he thought we had gotten someone else's grocery bag by mistake. He was holding them up and I said, "No, I bought those."

"Why?" he asked, since we have no cat.

"They're for my Aunt D," I told him.

"Your aunt eats cat treats?"

22 December 2007

what am I going to do

when Christmas is over and I can no longer threaten to tell Santa about all of Blue's transgressions?

Because a year is a verrrry long time to a three-year-old. The constant heightened state of alert would get old.

things i love - #33

this cookbook
(thank you, Adrienne!)

20 December 2007

right about now

I am curling up on the couch. Jonny gave me 2 Christmas presents early! I was feeling a little blue and he wanted to cheer me up. So we are going to watch Persuasion,

which is my absolute favorite movie ever (yes, Katherine, that means I got 2 copies! I love you both! Thank you thank you!) and we are both drinking coffee out of matching disappearing-wives-of-Henry VIII mugs!

I love my husband!

These mugs are so cool. The wives really do disappear!

17 December 2007

more and more about me:

copied from Katherine who copied from Adrienne...

What is your favorite word? Mommy
What is your least favorite word? blog
What turns you on? my husband's eyes
What turns you off? Republicans
What sound or noise do you love? my children's laughter
What sound or noise do you hate? windchimes
What is your favorite curse word? the f-word
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? author
What profession would you not like to do? gynecologist

a new cd and a new crush

I am so happy and I have a new crush. It's on my friend, Adrienne. Her blog link is over there on the right if you are interested. She's funny. She doesn't write enough, but when she does, it's funny.

Anyway, she made me a mix cd. And I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

I am forever making mix cds and no one ever makes them for me. Seriously. And I am someone who would love to receive one.

Making a mix cd is a huge deal for me. I have to be sure the song's lyrics are a perfect reflection of whatever it is I am trying to convey. That the order of the songs tells a story. I don't understand people who can like a song but not know the lyrics. Or what I mean to say is they don't care to know the lyrics. How can you like a song and not know what it's about?????

Anyway, Adrienne made me this mix cd. And it is awesome! She made it for me, chocked it full of sad, crazydepressing songs because she calls me Emo-Girl.

This cd rocks. I was sitting in my car in traffic, cracking up as each song came on. "I Am the Sun, I Am the Air" by Morrissey is on there and when it came on I laughed so hard I peed a little. It is so nice to know that my friends "get" me! I want to copy this cd for everyone I know. It is that good. Maybe I'll send copies out in my Christmas cards next year.

Thank you, Adrienne. Sigh. You're the best. You or Amy Winehouse, that is. It's a toss up.

16 December 2007

Happy Birthday, Jane!

"The person, be it gentleman or lady,
who has not pleasure in a good novel,
must be intolerably stupid.

To celebrate this most austentatious day, DWAFS is meeting at my house to watch a Jane Austen biography and eat English goodies. I am serving cucumber sandwiches and a deeeeelicious trifle and making a batch of very extremely fabulous and potent egg nog. Cheers!

15 December 2007

recipe for freakin' delicious Oreo Balls - these are no Chocolate Schwetti Balls but they're still amazing

Kathy Davenport's Oreo Truffle Balls

1 (1 pound, 2 ounce) package Oreo cookies
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, room temperature
2 (8 ounces) packages semi-sweet
chocolate chips
8 ounces white chocolate, optional

* Use a good-quality chocolate. The taste and quality of these truffles are dependent on the quality of chocolate you start with.

Line two large baking or cookie sheets with wax paper or a silpad; set aside.

In a food processor or blender, process and crush all of the Oreo cookies into fine crumbs. Add cream cheese and process until thoroughly mixed (there should be no white traces of cream cheese). Using your hands, roll into walnut-size balls, approximately 3/4-inch diameter. If the mixture becomes too soft to work, place the remaining mixture back into the refrigerator to slightly harden. Place Oreo Balls on the lined baking sheet and refrigerate or at least 45 to 60 minutes.


  • The Oreo Balls may be stored in the freezer for up to 1 week.

  • If you put the Oreo balls in the freezer for a short time before dipping in chocolate, this helps keep the balls cold longer. I also put the cookie sheets in the freezer first so they are really cold when I place the chocolate covered Oregon Truffle Balls onto the cookie sheet.

Using one of the below methods, melt the chocolate chips:

Double Boiler:

In the top of a double boiler over hot water, not boiling water (don't let the bottom of the bowl touch the water, melt chocolate; stirring until smooth. Be careful boiling water may cause steam droplets to get into chocolate which can result in "seizing," when the chocolate becomes stiff and grainy. NOTE: If you don't have a double boiler you can improvise one by placing a glass or stainless steel bowl over a pot of simmering water. Remove from heat. Let the chocolate cool slightly, but it should not set.

Microwave Melting Chocolate:

In a microwave-safe bowl, melt chocolate chips using either the defrost setting or 10-percent power in the microwave. Microwave for 1 minute, then check and stir. If you need more time, do it in 10 to 20 seconds intervals and check and stir after each addition of microwave time. Remove the container from the microwave and stir the chocolate until completely melted. Baking chips and baking chocolate may appear formed and un-melted after heating but will become fluid after stirring. Blend in cream, brandy, liqueur, or coffee

When ready to coat with chocolate, remove the chilled Oreo Balls from the refrigerator. Replace wax paper on baking sheets if they are not clean. NOTE: A small fork, toothpicks, or chopsticks are great to use as dipping tool. Dip each Oreo Ball into the melted chocolate, allowing the excess to drip back into the pot. Place the Oreo Truffle Balls onto the wax paper. NOTE: If the chocolate gets too hard to dip well, reheat it over the double boiler or in the microwave.

Optional: In a separate bowl either melt the white chocolate in a double boiler or the microwave. When melted, using a fork, drizzle white chocolate over the harden chocolate balls to decorate.

Let Oreo Truffle Balls harden and then store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Makes 40 to 50 candy balls, depending on the size balls you roll.

14 December 2007

"Long, Long Time"

My current random old song obsession is "Long, Long Time" by Linda Ronstadt. Damn. That woman can wail.

I have heard this song a million times in my life, but why have I never really, really listened to these tortured lyrics before? I cannot get enough of it now.

I'm actually glad I never really paid attention to these lyrics before. I tended to get ubergloomy and play songs on repeat when I was suffering from an unrequited crush.

Jesus. If I had known about this song when I lived in Richmond, I might have never recovered!

Anyway, this brings to mind all of the sad songs I played on repeat over the years. I'm forgetting a lot of them, I'm sure, because as I said I love to play songs ad infintum. But here is a random sample:

A List of Songs I Played on Repeat When Suffering From Unrequited Crushes:

"God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys
"One Fine Day" by the Chiffons
"I Know It's Going to Happen Someday" by Morrissey
"Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor
"Pictures of You" by The Cure
"And So It Goes" by Billy Joel
"Cry Baby" by Janis Joplin
"Language or the Kiss" by the Indigo Girls
"Never is a Promise" by Fiona Apple
"Untouchable Face" by Ani diFranco
"Last Goodbye" by Jeff Buckley

meeting Santa

Santa Claus came to Blue's school to have lunch with all of the children today. What a guy!

The preschoolers all sang songs for him and for their parents and then each child had their picture taken with Santa.

I was a mess. I just kept tearing up. It was worse than that scene in "Steel Magnolias" where Sally Field is at the funeral losing her shit and everyone watching the movie loses their shit... I couldn't stop the tears. It was so just. So. Sweet.

The Lion was tearing up, too, when I handed him over to Santa. He is just like me.

toodlers sitting on the steps together

I know Jonathan will see this picture and ask,
"Why is my son wearing those godawful bright red socks?"

13 December 2007

my personal DNA:

You are a Visionary:

Your imagination, self-assuredness, and knowledge of the world combine to make you a VISIONARY.

You have clear notions of how things could be, and the confidence to try to make them that way.

You enjoy having a routine, and prefer comfort and familiarity to risk and adventure.

Not needing others' approval to forge ahead, you are confident in your designs for the future.

Your imagination allows you to envision the world as a better place.

You're better at thinking of the big picture than you are with details, and you can see wonder in abstract things.

Style and appearances are important to you, and you have a good eye for beauty.

You are somewhat rigid in your beliefs, which comes from both confidence and an aversion to change.

You are good at creating works of art in forms with which you're familiar.

You're not one to force your positions on a group, and you tend to be fair in evaluating different options.

You're not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you're generally considerate of others' feelings as well.

You prefer to have time to plan for things, feeling better with a schedule than with keeping plans up in the air until the last minute.

You have a strong sense of style and value your personal presentation - friends may even seek your style advice from time to time.

Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you.

You are Benevolent:

You are a great person to interact with—understanding, giving, and trusting—in a word, BENEVOLENT.

You don't mind being in social situations, as you feel comfortable enough with people to be yourself.

Your caring nature goes beyond a basic concern: you take the time to understand the nuances of people's situations before passing any sort of judgment.

You're a good listener, and even better at offering advice.

You're concerned with others at both an individual and societal level—you sympathize with the plights of troubled groups, and you can care about people you've never met.

Considering many different perspectives is something at which you excel, and you appreciate that quality in others.

Other people's feelings are important to you, and you're good at mediating disputes.

Because of your understanding and patience, you tend to bring out the best in people.



I am going to the doctor-wink-wink in about five minutes and I am just d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g it.


Afterwards I always have the same feeling of "checking off a duty in my appointment book" that I feel after having my oil changed or voting or getting my teeth cleaned.

07 December 2007


I found a free coupon to the movies on the floor in Michaels. I didn't turn it in.

What a moral dilemma. Should I have turned it in? But then the clerk at Michaels probably would have kept it, right? And now maybe Jonathan and I can go to the movies. The last movie we saw in the theatre was XMen 3, I think.

I felt so guilty. I tried to look all nonchalant, like it was something I had dropped, all the while wondering if this was some kind of morality test. Like I was secretly being filmed and the people watching were thinking, Thief.

Whatever, man. I'm going to the movies.

I just hope I don't sit there the whole time, feeling guilty. Wondering if some usher is going to come over, tap me on the shoulder and announce (loudly enough for all the other audience members to hear), "Excuse me, ma'am, but your free pass to the movies was reported as stolen. You are obviously morally bankrupt. Please leave the theatre. And leave your big tub of popcorn at the door, too."

05 December 2007

people that look like my dad


We have returned home from North Carolina and are starting to feel a bit better. I am the last one returning to normal, as I was the last to fall victim to this winter's plague. I just hope that we all stay well (knock on wood!) until at least after Santa comes. The kids are getting so excited about Christmas!

I think I am almost done shopping. I bought one little thing for Adrienne today. (You're going to love it, A--it's on one of your many registries!) So now I have to get her something else so I don't look stingy and something for my mom and my dad and stepmother and I am finished! I think...

Blue is getting a dollhouse and some furniture for it. I finally found the bathroom set today. Which is a good thing. She would totally notice if her doll's house had no potty.

And she's getting a bunch of wooden food. She loves to cook.

All of the Lion's presents are based on tv characters. It's a little embarrassing. It's all Elmo, Diego, Little Einsteins, Wiggles, Nemo, etc. He is such a tv junkie. He is going to be so excited. When we are in the store, he points to all the characters on all of the products (and they are everywhere) and yells out "Dora! 'Ego (Diego)! Elmo!"

Hahahahaha Jonathan just walked in the door. He gave Blue a kiss and said, "Hey! Guess what?" and the Lion said, "Chicken butt!" He has trained them well.

We had such a wonderful time at my grandparents. Jonathan and I were pretty ill, and I just hope Grandma and Pop don't get sick. But the kids had an amazing time.

Lion was a bit crabby and whiny because he wasn't feeling well, but Blue was the star of the weekend. She helped Pop roll meatballs:

Actually, she made little caterpillars and lily pads and a big meat volcano while Pop made the meatballs, but it was very cute. She made a chocolate pudding pie with Grandma. She drove Pop's golf cart:

She went to the beach twice with Daddy:

She had the time of her life!

29 November 2007

no more christmas carol post headers, I promise!

I'm over them. Bor-ing.

But I had to post these two pictures of Blue, taken just before Thanksgiving because damn that girl looks like me!

because I had a very shiny nose

To steal a page from Katherine's book, I am going to post a product review:

I was suckered into buying this

because the product claims that after 1 day, 100% of users saw a difference in their skin. And I have to admit, my face looks awesome!

Get thee to a pharmacy and pick some up today!

28 November 2007

over the river and through the woods

to grandmother's house we go this weekend. I tried to call her today and reschedule our visit, but as soon as I heard my grandma's voice, I caved.

I haven't been down there to visit in almost two years.

I think the toodlers will be alright. They may be a little crabbier than usual, but we'll just try to put them down for lots of naps.

My children are very proficient sleepers.

I must be crazy.

silent night

The Lion started to lose his voice last night. I decided not to take him to the pediatrician too because the doctor said that Blue's bronchitis was most likely caused by a virus. He has been running a fever still but no coughing yet so I think he doesn't have bronchitis.

This sucks so bad because I really was looking forward to seeing my grandparents this weekend. We haven't been down there in so long. I'm going to call my grandma this morning and give her the bad news.

Jonathan is also sick. He has been running a fever. So far I am the healthiest one of the bunch, which is rare! I escaped for a few hours yesterday while the toodlers napped and Jonny typed. It was great to get out. I thought I would wind up killing both babies if I didn't go out and get some air! I stopped by Avanti to visit Olivia and she said, "Girl, you've got this wild look in your eye." I said, "Tell me about it. I am going insane." So she gave me a red velvet cupcake and my day got much better!

I am feeling a little crummy today, but I am refusing to acknowledge it. The fact that my hair looks like this

today does not improve my mood.

26 November 2007

it came upon a midnight clear

Sickness, that is. Sickness.

We have 2 sick toodlers in our house this day.

The Lion has a stomach bug. He spent all day yesterday lying on the couch with me or with Jonathan, clutching his Little People pony in one hand and a little palm tree in the other.

Blue, I just found out, has bronchitis. Possibly pneumonia, but definitely bronchitis. She is on two medications. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully she'll be better by this weekend, because we are planning to travel down to see my grandparents.

25 November 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Jonathan and I tricked out our house last night. Now it's all Merry Christmas everywhere you look. At least on the main floor. The upstairs is still just Have a Nice Day.

And we did it all in only 3 hours. Which is no small feat, people. Especially when you consider all of our holiday gear is stored in the attic. And we have to rearrange our living room furniture to fit the tree in there. And that we did all of this with two toodlers "helping."

Katherine, can you please explain to me: Does the end punctuation go inside the quotation marks or outside? Like "this?" Or like "this"? I thought I learned way back in middle school that they went inside the quotes so that's the way I roll, but I see punctuation all the time stuck outside the end quote and even it's right I think it looks sad and lonely. But I would like to know the rule. So I can ignore it on purpose if I feel it is wrong.

Anyway, the house looks beautiful. I think it helps that we have so much red in our house to start with. And we had Blue helping. Blue was a big help decorating the tree. She hung all of her ornaments on two branches, though. And she hung a lot of ornaments! So after she went to bed, Jonathan dispersed them a little. We were afraid the tree might tip over otherwise.

Lion was not really any help. Still too little. I think most of our efforts this holiday season will be focused on protecting the tree from the Lion. He just sort of charges at the tree and then laughs an evil laugh and stabs at it or grabs at random ornaments. He thinks it is big fun. But I think the fun would turn into a lifelong phobia if the tree fell on top of him so I'm on my guard. Don't worry, little man, I've got your back.

He does love this Little People nativity set that we pulled out of the basement:

It was the perfect distraction while Jonathan put all the lights on the tree. Jonny's parents bought it for Blue for her first Christmas and the kids lovelovelove it. It brings out some weirdness in me, though, I'll admit.Blu e was playing with the baby Jesus and I was all, "Do you see this king? He has a present for the baby Jesus. See? And here's another king. And another! How many kings are there? Do you see 3 kings with presents for the baby Jesus? They came from far and wide to see the new baby and bring him gifts to celebrate his birthday..." It was really nauseating. It was like I was under some spell or something. Like I was channeling BibleMan. Jonathan just stared at me. Maybe he thought we were secretly filming a commercial or something.

Time for a quick appearance by Bible Man. Hang on. Here he is:

Thanks, Bible Man. You may go now. Seriously. Be gone.

But we had been really wondering what to get for Lion for Christmas (because they already have everything they could possibly want, people, and they play with my throw pillows and the remote control) but now I think maybe we'll have to get him some of the Little People animals and stuff. They're pretty small (hence the name) and they don't make any noise.

Neither does Blue. The night of Thanksgiving, she was starting to lose her voice. We thought it was from shrieking and laughing so much with William. But the next morning she had a fever and no voice at all and she has this awful barking cough. These sorts of maladies always hit us over a 3-day weekend. So I will bring her in to see the doctor first thing Monday (along with every other child in town, I'm sure) and get her on some meds. It is such a helpless feeling, because as a parent I have no idea what to give her to help her feel better. Tylenol doesn't seem to really do anything and Motrin upsets her stomach. And I don't know if either of them will work anyway, since she may need antibiotics, but I can't sit by and watch her suffer. Not that she seems to be suffering. She is a very stoic child when she is sick. I have no idea where this trait comes from (definitely not her mommy) but coupled with her quiet, husky little voice, it is breaking my heart.

This little guy's got nothing on my Blue.

23 November 2007

it's amazing what a little gingerbread and a lot of imagination can do

I was googling images of gingerbread houses for my last post and I found this site, with pictures of a scene from the LOTR Siege of Minas Tirith made out of gingerbread and gummi bears. You should definitely check it out.


is one of my favorite days of the year. And this year was one of the best I've ever had. We had my mother, Jonathan's parents, George and Emily and William and Jonathan's sister, Mary, and her husband, Trevor. It was such a lovely day (until it rained and became freezing cold, that is) that the kids played outside for a while with the grandparents while Jonathan finished up his turkey and his stuffing.

I think Jonny and I work well together on Thanksgiving. I spent Wednesday baking pies and making my crock-pot mashed potatoes and prepping some side dishes. So that on Thursday Jonathan had the kitchen to himself to prepare the turkey and stuffing. He cooks a mean turkey, people.

Everyone brought something and I thought it was so funny that both my mother and Jonathan's mother brought us what have got to be the 2 largest poinsettias in the entire state of Virginia. They are gorgeous. I love having plants in the house again. Bit by bit all of our plants got placed up higher and higher out of the children's path until they were all up so high or tucked so far out of sight that I sort of forgot to water them and they all died.

Anyway, the meal was lovely. And the day was very casual. Blue loved the Macy's parade. George and Jonathan's dad watched the game. Mary and Trevor played with the kids. Emily helped Blue and William decorate a gingerbread house.

I ate about a thousand pieces of fried cauliflower and then barely ate any dinner. I think everyone had a nice time. 

After we played a couple of rounds of Scattergories with George and the kids, Jonathan and I put 2 very sticky and very exhausted toodlers to bed. Then we curled up on the couch and watched "Grey's Anatomy" (so good) and ate more pie until we felt ill.

What a wonderful day.

happy birthday

to my lovely husband!

18 November 2007

the truth hurts

Scene. Jonathan is changing the Lion's diaper. Blue watches.

Blue: I think Lion has a penis.
Jonathan: Yes, he does.
Blue: I think it's little.

Jonathan, to Lion: Don't you listen to that, dude. It's all proportional.

15 November 2007

today in history

Milli Vanilli were exposed as duplicitous lip-synchers. I totally had their cassette tape. What a bummer.

13 November 2007

announcing a new link

I have just added a link to my cousin's blog for my mother. Check it out, Mom. Adorable pictures of Cooper.

toodler update

Blue is loving preschool. She has lots of little friends in the class. And her teacher is amazing. I know I was a bit wary in the beginning due to the potty-training note, but I seriously love that woman now. She is the perfect preschool teacher. Always smiley. Always hugging and kissing the children. Just an awesome, awesome woman.  Blue loves her.

They had a little Halloween parade at the school and next week they are having lunch with the 4 year old class. The 3 year olds are going to be the Pilgrims and the 4 year olds are going to be Indians. So freakin' cute. I signed up to bring 20 Thanksgiving cookies. Which is perfect because I just bought a little turkey cookie cutter.

Jonathan complains sometimes because it seems like the school is constantly asking us to bring in food or party plates or to dress the children in a certain color or something. But I love it. I really do. I don't mind baking fun stuff for the class. And this is the time when kids like having their parents come to their school. You know, before they begin to pretend like they don't know who you are.

The funny thing is Jonathan is the one who really enjoys helping out at the school! I am just much more shy than he is, and he loves to be silly and make the kids laugh. He stayed for the Halloween party at her school while I went home to put the Lion down for his nap. Jonathan manned the ring toss. He had a blast. I would have been miserable. I prefer to be more behind-the-scenes, sending Blue to school with cookies or making sure her shirt is the "color of the day."

The Lion is talking like crazy. He learns new words every day. Jonathan and I will look at each other in amazement, wondering where he is picking these things up. Like, the other day he said dinosaur. It's awful, but I think we were much more involved with Blue, actively trying to teach her new words and concepts. We've slacked off a bit with the Lion, but he just picks them up on his own. Yes, sirree, folks, that tv is a great educator! He speaks in sentences. He'll say "Ank you, Mommy!" or "I don't want it." Although sometimes it's just "Daddyunununununmilk" and that's his way of asking for milk, but in a sentence form.

He is such an emotional guy. He'll be so happy one minute and then screaming with rage and then crying and reaching for me and then blissfully happy again.

I feel like I parent them very differently. Which really bothers me. I don't want to mold them into specific kinds of people due to their birth order, but I think maybe as a parent it is inevitable. We let Lion be a baby much more than Blue was ever allowed to. He is older now than she was when she became a big sister, and I think we were probably a lot harder on her, telling her to be quiet around him and more careful. Sometimes I look at her little face and I feel so terrible, like we put pressure on her to act older than she is, that we expect too much from her because she is the older child and because she also looks so much older than she is.

And I know we are doing the best we can. And that we are not bad parents. That guilt goes hand in hand with motherhood.

But I still wish I could do better. Treat them both in exactly the same way. Which means what exactly? Expect more from the Lion and ease up on Blue? I don't know. I'm just doing the best I can and feeling guilty like it isn't enough somehow. I know, I know, welcome to parenthood. But it still sucks.

shout out

Today I would like to send a little shout out to my adorable son who woke me up at 6:30 this morning.

Thanks, Lion Man. No, really, thanks a lot.

I am usually pretty lucky because the toodlers sleep in until 8 or 8:30 most mornings. But today is a nice rainy dark day and on a dark day sometimes they will sleep in until much later.

Today would have been a perfect day to sleep in since there is no preschool or ballet today and since we are all feeling a bit crummy. But, sadly, that was not to be. The Lion decided to sit up sometime shortly after 6 am and begin howling for me at the top of his lungs. He's gifted, too, because I thought he was crying his eyes out, but when I walked in, he was just sitting in his crib, doing a bawling baby impression. No tears. Actually a huge smile on his face.

What a punk.

12 November 2007

because one onion just wasn't enough!

Not Quite Perfect McDonalds Opens In Illinois Outlet Mall

The Onion

'Not Quite Perfect' McDonald's Opens In Illinois Outlet Mall

GURNEE, IL-For low, low prices, patrons are eager to give Six-Piece Quarter Pounders and Fish McGriddles a try.

National Science Foundation: Science Hard

The Onion

National Science Foundation: Science Hard

INDIANAPOLIS-The newly discovered 'Law Of Difficulty' holds true for all branches of science, from astronomy to molecular biology.

dinner and a movie review

We went to the Olive Garden last night with Jonny's family to celebrate his father's birthday. I love the Olive Garden. And I love that family. Delicious.

For a hilarious account of Katherine and Olivia babysitting the toodlers, click here.

Jonny and I returned home fairly early, so we watched "Notes on a Scandal" with Olivia and Katherine. I had heard enough about the movie to know that I probably would not like it. But I also love Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench so I sort of did want to see it. Anyway, since they had brought it over to watch and we had returned home just as they put the movie in, the decision was made for me.

I can admit that the movie was definitely very well made, well acted, et cetera. It stirred up some very strong emotions in me. I was very uncomfortable. And I did not like it. I think, even if a movie is well made, well acted, et cetera, I still can just not like the story and say "I did not like it." Cate, Judi, you are amazing. Bill Nighy, you too are amazing. But I just ... the whole adultery storyline ... blecccch.

And to top it off, Cate Blanchett's sneaky, adulterous character had a beautiful, smiley little boy with Down syndrome. So she was cheating on this heartbreakingly sweet little boy as well. Blecccch.

I have a real problem with adultery. I think it is wrong. All wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I don't enjoy books or movies with adultery in the plot. I just have this visceral reaction, this feeling of betrayal that makes me ill. Katherine said my foot was swinging away like crazy during the entire movie. I'll bet it was! I was probably subconsciously kicking Cate Blanchett's character in the beautiful face throughout the film. Take that! And that!

09 November 2007


The tantrums
are every day
now, over anything
his blocks
won't stay stacked,
the legos
have too many
and he can't stretch
out his legs
when he dumps
them in his lap,
none of the books
turn pages fast enough,
and he's seen
all the pictures,
claimed out loud
every one of them
is a ball.

He's learning the boredom
of objects,
their limitations
in providing happiness
and delight.
I sit back
like some Discovery channel
notebook and pen
the wildlife,
how the closer he gets
to tired
he starts to stumble,
and the disintegration
of his control
over himself
sends him
to the floor,
hunched over sobbing
into the carpet,
which I believe
means no,
no to all of it lately,
no to toys
that don't do
what he wants,
no to his body
that betrays him,
slower than
he can compensate for,
skills not fine
enough yet,
his motor thrumming
wildly under
that flushed breath,
wanting more.

And then
there's no to me,
the one staking
out his boundaries,
designated marks
of reach,
what remains
what will be
and the decisions:
about food,
diaper changes,
nap times,

In the cool
middle of the night,
when he's finally
too heavy
and given over
to fight,
I can still rock him
back to sleep,
tell him
it's all coming,
loss of innocence,
there's always more
shiny toys,
the squeezing confines of flesh,
people who say no,
and this is what we have
in deep darkness,
what we come back for,
where we fall safely,
what we are when we love:
bodies in nightshirts
piled like hills
to a horizon line
of blue,
sunrise a hum
up from the throat
and around
into the arms
holding on,
but not too tight.

DeAnna Jones

party food

I am having a Pampered Chef party tomorrow night! I've never had one before, so it should be fun. The demonstration is "Beverages and Appetizers" so it is the perfect party for me to host since I love party food. Olivia says I remind her of Cher in "Mermaids."

For those of you thinking, Um, Erin, you don't look anything like Cher, I say: Duh. Rent the movie, people.

For those of you too lazy to rent the movie, I say: Fine. (sigh) Cher's character only served finger foods. Ever. And it is a really good movie, so you should still rent it.

bad hair! bad!

I have got to take a shower. I look like Criss Angel Mind Freak:

Without the jewelry.

05 November 2007

Duck on a Bike

This is the Lion's favorite book. We read it together every evening before bed.

He loves to point to all of the animals and shout out their names. "Duck! Chicken! Beep! (Sheep)" He even points to the random animals (some butterflies, a bird and a frog) that are not instrumental to the story. They are just decorations on the page but the Lion points to them as well and shouts their names.

There is a picture in this book of a bunch of little kids riding bikes. It's a 2 page spread. Lion always points to the boy riding out in the lead and yells "Daddy!" For some reason, "Mommy!" is the little black girl riding beside him, which always cracks Jonathan up.

04 November 2007

I Must Needs These Items


I don't even drink tea.

brand spanking new stuff!

Um, hi, my name is Erin and I have a problem.

I was in Marshall's today with Blue. I don't even remember why I went in there.

Anyway. I was in there. And I fell in love. I saw this teapot of the Tower of London. And one of the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament. And one of a double decker bus. And one of a red phone booth.

I cannot explain or even describe what happened next. But I did at least call Jonathan to tell him I was buying all four of them for myself.   A month before Christmas.

I now have a teapot collection. I collect teapots. I have gone from being a woman with one serviceable Ikea teapot to a woman with a teapot collection. In a matter of minutes.

I love my new collection. It is so awesome! I can't wait to show it to the DWAFS. I can't wait to get one of those Anne Boleyn teapots. And Henry VIII. Is there a Jane Austen teapot anywhere out there?

Rose River Trail

On Saturday, er, I mean, yesterday some members of the Biggest Loser Fredericksburg went on a 4 mile hike in Shenandoah National Park. It was a beautiful cold day. It was a beautiful hike. Although I was sadly disappointed by the complete lack of wildlife. I think I have been spoiled by my previous trips to Shenandoah and duped into thinking the wildlife are shameless paparazzi lovers. Seriously. I usually see insane amounts of deer. Gobs of them. And I've even seen black bears. This time? Nothing. Zip. Nada.

But we did catch this action:

Must be mating season. Check out Olivia's face. Classic. I am merely admiring the beauty of the world around me while y'all can just go on with your bad selves. Or something to that effect.

I lovelovelove this picture. Notice how I am so completely bundled up and Katherine is wearing a tshirt:

And this one:

And this one of Katherine, the Amazon queen. Not because she's tall, but because she looks like a warrior. No Retainer Girl in sight.

And this one of Olivia, that she yelled at Jonny not to take and which she will most likely hate, but that I think is an amazing picture. (Um, Katherine, how were all those thats and whichs? Did I do okay?))

So after the awesomeness of the hike, we stopped in Culpeper on the way home and ate dinner in a little diner that had oldies in the jukebox and cheeseburgers for $3.95. What a wonderful day!