28 November 2007

silent night

The Lion started to lose his voice last night. I decided not to take him to the pediatrician too because the doctor said that Blue's bronchitis was most likely caused by a virus. He has been running a fever still but no coughing yet so I think he doesn't have bronchitis.

This sucks so bad because I really was looking forward to seeing my grandparents this weekend. We haven't been down there in so long. I'm going to call my grandma this morning and give her the bad news.

Jonathan is also sick. He has been running a fever. So far I am the healthiest one of the bunch, which is rare! I escaped for a few hours yesterday while the toodlers napped and Jonny typed. It was great to get out. I thought I would wind up killing both babies if I didn't go out and get some air! I stopped by Avanti to visit Olivia and she said, "Girl, you've got this wild look in your eye." I said, "Tell me about it. I am going insane." So she gave me a red velvet cupcake and my day got much better!

I am feeling a little crummy today, but I am refusing to acknowledge it. The fact that my hair looks like this

today does not improve my mood.


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