26 November 2007

it came upon a midnight clear

Sickness, that is. Sickness.

We have 2 sick toodlers in our house this day.

The Lion has a stomach bug. He spent all day yesterday lying on the couch with me or with Jonathan, clutching his Little People pony in one hand and a little palm tree in the other.

Blue, I just found out, has bronchitis. Possibly pneumonia, but definitely bronchitis. She is on two medications. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully she'll be better by this weekend, because we are planning to travel down to see my grandparents.


Amy said...

Hope you guys are feeling better in time for your trip. We've had a few weeks of illness here, too; I was up until 1 am with Jake last night. I wish that I knew how to turn the snot faucet off.

Anonymous said...

Hope the little ones get better soon.

Sending positive vibes and good wishes your way


Roxanna said...

I hope the kids feel better and you and J don't get what they have.