29 December 2007

Welcome to Hell, I mean CandyLand

I hate CandyLand. Santa brought this game for Blue, and I thought it would be so much fun to sit down and play this game with my daughter... WRONG.
This game merely serves as an illustration of how freakin' impatient I am. I felt like such a crappy mommy sitting there with Blue:

Blue, pick a card. It's your turn. Bluee, pick a card, please. Blue? BLUE, PICK A CARD! No, just one card. Okay, now put the card down. Put the card down now, honey. Blue, stop kissing the card! Put the card down! No, Blue, the card doesn't go in that pile, it goes in this other pile. Please pick all the cards up, honey. Now let's move your man two green places! No, that one is Mommy's man. That one is your man. Your man is blue, remember? Move your man. Move your man, honey. No, the other way. Onto the green space. Now onto another green space. No, stop there. Just two green, remember? Put Mommy's man down, honey. I don't remember where it was. It doesn't matter. Just put him down somewhere. Pick up all the cards again, please.
AARGH! And this game, this sick, sick farce of a game goes on for ever. Just as Blue got close to the finishline, she drew a card with a gingerbread man on it that sent her all the way back to the beginning.

I wonder how many millions of times I will play this game. Because after Blue comes the Lion...


Amy said...

Hah! It's the same at our house. I will sometimes shuffle the cards when she's not paying attention (which is often) to hurry the game along. We just got Chutes and Ladders which is even worse! The game board is not at all intuitive for preschoolers and they have no idea what a "chute" is. Ugh.

Dark Fury said...

It could always be worse...one word "Monopoly".

Olivia said...