28 December 2007

on cooking, Corningware and conversation skills

I have no idea why I am in such a culinary mood today. Maybe because it is such a crisp, grey, English-looking day outside. Maybe I am just sick of eating leftover chips and dip and cookies all day.

Jonathan did make some delicious scalloped potatoes and (more of the leftover Christmas Day) ham yesterday, but we fell upon it like ravenous lions and it is gone, baby, gone.

So I made the soup. Which is alright. Jonny claims it is good enough that he would actually order it in a restaurant, but he is my husband so it is in his best interest to be complimentary. The rice pudding is in the oven right now and it is making the house smell fabulous.

Did I mention that I received about 1000 pieces of Corningware this Christmas? Well, I did. So I am putting it to good use.

I have to go. The Lion just asked me, "Canyou help me wif dis, Mommy? Canyou open dis, Mommy?" and I am so blown away by his conversational skills that I of course have to go and help him open whatever it is. Just my heart, probably.

Sigh. I love that boy so bad.

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