05 December 2007


We have returned home from North Carolina and are starting to feel a bit better. I am the last one returning to normal, as I was the last to fall victim to this winter's plague. I just hope that we all stay well (knock on wood!) until at least after Santa comes. The kids are getting so excited about Christmas!

I think I am almost done shopping. I bought one little thing for Adrienne today. (You're going to love it, A--it's on one of your many registries!) So now I have to get her something else so I don't look stingy and something for my mom and my dad and stepmother and I am finished! I think...

Blue is getting a dollhouse and some furniture for it. I finally found the bathroom set today. Which is a good thing. She would totally notice if her doll's house had no potty.

And she's getting a bunch of wooden food. She loves to cook.

All of the Lion's presents are based on tv characters. It's a little embarrassing. It's all Elmo, Diego, Little Einsteins, Wiggles, Nemo, etc. He is such a tv junkie. He is going to be so excited. When we are in the store, he points to all the characters on all of the products (and they are everywhere) and yells out "Dora! 'Ego (Diego)! Elmo!"

Hahahahaha Jonathan just walked in the door. He gave Blue a kiss and said, "Hey! Guess what?" and the Lion said, "Chicken butt!" He has trained them well.

We had such a wonderful time at my grandparents. Jonathan and I were pretty ill, and I just hope Grandma and Pop don't get sick. But the kids had an amazing time.

Lion was a bit crabby and whiny because he wasn't feeling well, but Blue was the star of the weekend. She helped Pop roll meatballs:

Actually, she made little caterpillars and lily pads and a big meat volcano while Pop made the meatballs, but it was very cute. She made a chocolate pudding pie with Grandma. She drove Pop's golf cart:

She went to the beach twice with Daddy:

She had the time of her life!


Roxanna said...

You took so really great pictures, I am so glad you guys had such a good time

Amy said...

Hope you guys are on the mend. Your grandfather looks so happy to be making meatballs with Sadie!