17 December 2007

a new cd and a new crush

I am so happy and I have a new crush. It's on my friend, Adrienne. Her blog link is over there on the right if you are interested. She's funny. She doesn't write enough, but when she does, it's funny.

Anyway, she made me a mix cd. And I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

I am forever making mix cds and no one ever makes them for me. Seriously. And I am someone who would love to receive one.

Making a mix cd is a huge deal for me. I have to be sure the song's lyrics are a perfect reflection of whatever it is I am trying to convey. That the order of the songs tells a story. I don't understand people who can like a song but not know the lyrics. Or what I mean to say is they don't care to know the lyrics. How can you like a song and not know what it's about?????

Anyway, Adrienne made me this mix cd. And it is awesome! She made it for me, chocked it full of sad, crazydepressing songs because she calls me Emo-Girl.

This cd rocks. I was sitting in my car in traffic, cracking up as each song came on. "I Am the Sun, I Am the Air" by Morrissey is on there and when it came on I laughed so hard I peed a little. It is so nice to know that my friends "get" me! I want to copy this cd for everyone I know. It is that good. Maybe I'll send copies out in my Christmas cards next year.

Thank you, Adrienne. Sigh. You're the best. You or Amy Winehouse, that is. It's a toss up.


Dark Fury said...

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no. No. NO! Ah. Stop! I'll blush.

Amy said...

I got the Christmas CD that you made for me some time ago and it is great! Ian and I have been lamenting about the crap that passes for holiday music nowadays, but your CD really hit the spot. :)