07 December 2007


I found a free coupon to the movies on the floor in Michaels. I didn't turn it in.

What a moral dilemma. Should I have turned it in? But then the clerk at Michaels probably would have kept it, right? And now maybe Jonathan and I can go to the movies. The last movie we saw in the theatre was XMen 3, I think.

I felt so guilty. I tried to look all nonchalant, like it was something I had dropped, all the while wondering if this was some kind of morality test. Like I was secretly being filmed and the people watching were thinking, Thief.

Whatever, man. I'm going to the movies.

I just hope I don't sit there the whole time, feeling guilty. Wondering if some usher is going to come over, tap me on the shoulder and announce (loudly enough for all the other audience members to hear), "Excuse me, ma'am, but your free pass to the movies was reported as stolen. You are obviously morally bankrupt. Please leave the theatre. And leave your big tub of popcorn at the door, too."


Dark Fury said...

Seriously? Allow me to play Devil's advocate for just a moment.... Perhaps the person who lost it was a neo-nazi or a real SOB of some kind who didn't deserve a free movie. You ever think of that? Go to the movies!

CresceNet said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah...what Crescenet said, but without all the swear words.

http://mamasgotmoxie.wordpress.com said...

this is so funny!! i probably would've thought the same thing. sorta. :)

Retainer Girl said...

I so dislike these random bloggers who fire and run away. Dang them!

Anonymous said...

Chances are slim the person will know where he/she lost it, so why shouldn't you enjoy the movie rather than some random employee? As a Michaels employee, I say enjoy the movie.