30 November 2006


Popular Wiggles Singer Quits Due to Health Woes

Popular Wiggles Singer Quits Due to Health Woes

Greg Wiggle is retiring due to a chronic health condition. Nooooooo! Not only is Greg the lead singer of the Wiggles, but he is also my own personal favorite Wiggle.

At least his illness is not life-threatening. The guy is only 34. And he is a father.

Professor Singalottasonga will be the new yellow Wiggle. He is a very good singer as well. Jonathan and I saw him perform in August when Greg had to bow out due to health. But. He is no Greg Wiggle, I'm sorry to say. I can't help thinking he shouldn't wear yellow. They should make him some other color completely. How about an orange Wiggle?

I wonder how this will impact kids. Like my own Blue who still would rather watch the Wiggles over any other show. Hmmm... Should be interesting...

Anyway, good luck, Greg Page. You will be very, very missed...


Anonymous said...

I think it would be very appropriate to retire the yellow shirt in honor of Greg Wiggle.....Incidently, that blue wiggle is pretty cute!


Anonymous said...

Definately retire yellow, but I think orange is too close to the red. When I read this story earlier this week, I thought a green shirt would be nice.

Aunt D