29 June 2007


What a week. The Lion has learned to climb up onto the couch! Jonathan walked into the living room the other night and there was Lion, sitting on the couch with Blue. He is very proud of himself, and his Daddy, a former rock climber, is very proud of the various moves the Lion employs to get up there. I think he's making them up, personally, because they sound like names my brother, George, would have invented as a kid (the toe grab, the heel hook) but Jonathan assures me these are actual rock climbing terms...

Blue pooped in the potty on Wednesday! It was so random. I was babysitting Barbra's little boy, Lucas, that day so our house was in a state of constant noise and chaos. It's amazing how adding one more child to the population increases the noise level so drastically! But Barbra brought me a batch of her famous Peanut-Butter-Cookies-Stuffed-with-Candy-Bars so I just ate the entire batch and enjoyed my sugar high all afternoon. God, those things are delicious! I really did eat the entire batch that afternoon.

Anyway, in the midst of the cookies and chaos, Blue came out of the bathroom and announced, "I just pooped in the potty" and then went into the playroom to play. I was shocked. I praised her and praised her and gave her a hug and did a little dance and she just acted like it was no big deal. She was very blase and un-Bluelike.

When Barbra's mother came to pick Lucas up that evening, I told her the big news.

"Good for you, Blue! What a big girl--pooping in the potty! That's a big deal," she told her.

"Want to see the poop?" Blue asked her.

"Um, no thanks," Barbra's mother said.

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Roxanna said...

Wow way to go Sadie..... You must be very proud of her.