01 June 2007


Olivia told me that Adrienne was a little hurt. She was reading my blog and said that I talked about all of the DWAFS: Katherine and Kris got degrees (yay), Barbra had a baby (yay), Olivia is Certified Massage Therapist (yay), Elisa is engaged (yay) and Adrienne ... brought Swedish meatballs to my house.

Did I say it like that? Oops. They were really good meatballs. But, for the record, my friend Adrienne is smart, sassy and wickedly funny. And she could easily kick my ass. Even if she does, unfortunately, have tiny little Tyrannosaur-arms.


Olivia said...

WHY? You know she is going to kill me now. And that means I'm comin' after you! :D

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh! I'm so hurt....sooooooo hurt. Um, not so much. Oh! Wait! It's 12:29 I need to go kill Olivia now....see ya'!