31 May 2007

olivia and katherine

It occurs to me that my last few posts have been rather depressing. And I have to admit I have been feeling a little blue lately. The last post, though, of the poem, Eurydice, I put on here just because I thought it was a great poem.

I don't know why I am so blue, really. I have no concrete reason. Things are fine. The babies are adorable. Jonny is sweet to me. The weather has been nice--unbearably hot, but nice and sunshiny.

Olivia and Katherine are coming over tomorrow for lunch. That should cheer me up. Olivia and Katherine always, always make me smile. They are the kind of friends that are good for the soul. Katherine is very much like me. I call her my Soul Sister. It is spooky sometimes the things I find we have in common. And Olivia is just probably the funniest person I have ever known. She'll come up with some shit that is so hilarious, I'll be laughing about it for days afterward. Every time I think of it. Out loud. Now that is funny.

I was cracking up today, telling Jonathan about something Olivia did a few weeks ago. I was over at her apartment, doing my Martha Stewart impersonation. And Olivia started doing one, too, and she said something like, "I always just go into my yard and get my cranberries from my own cranberry bog, but if you don't have a cranberry bog in your yard, you could always just go out and purchase some nice fresh cranberries from your local market blah blah blah" in this amazingly accurate Martha Stewart voice and I was rolling. I mean, God, Martha Stewart probably does have a cranberry bog in her backyard!

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