29 March 2006

It Gets Better, Right?

Little Lion Man is 5 weeks old now, and I still haven't really settled into a routine. Unless you count "sleeping" with him on the couch at night and getting by with lots of coffee a routine.

His eye is all gross again.

Speaking of gross, Blue keeps getting into her diapers at night. We have even resorted to cutting the feet off of her jammies and putting them on her backwards like a strait-jacket. She still manages to somehow worm out of the neckhole without unzipping them. That kid is just way too skinny.

The Lion has been crying like crazy now at night and after every meal and arching his back like Blue used to, so we took him to the doctor again. Sure enough, he has acid reflux just like she did. So he is now on medication three times a day and drinking formula with rice cereal added. At least we knew the signs and knew what to do to treat this. He should stop all this crying in a week or so, which is none too soon if you ask me. Every night now I am pacing around the house with him while we both cry.

Blue is growing more and more willful, I think because I am forced to spend more and more of my time trying to soothe the Lion. I've started putting her in time-out, if you can believe that, and she's not even 2 years old!

I guess I'll look back on these days and tell funny little anecdotes and marvel at how we ever got through it. I was talking to Christina last week, laughing at a dumb fight Jonathan and I had when we were all stressed out right after Blue was born. She said, "It's wonderful that you can laugh at it." Will I ever find this time of my life funny, too, I wonder, because it sure isn't funny now...

On a positive note, Jonathan and I are going to the Kennedy Center on Saturday night to see Andrea perform. Then she is visiting for 2 days. I cannot wait to see her. I feel so isolated, in the house with a crying baby and a screaming toddler all day and all night. I cannot wait to talk about non-baby things. I cannot wait to hear how she is doing since her break-up with Danny. I think this visit will be therapeudic for both of us.


Amy said...

I sure hope so. I am just living for the magic 6 week mark when they say fussiness peaks and then starts to get better. We're sleeping in the recliner. Let me know if you ever want to do lunch, and give Andrea a hug for me. Hope you guys have a great visit.

Anonymous said...

:( I am sorry things are so tough. I hope the 6 week mark is the magic number. You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! You are such an amazing Mom and woman I have know doubt you will pull through this and yet again, I will be telling more stories about my amazing friend Erin who is incredibly creative, caring, still sends bday cards and thank you notes to her friends while mothering a newborn AND toddler.

Big hugs!

How is Andrea? Is she still at the house with you? Hannah and I may be in F'burg tomorrow. I THINK she has an allergist f/u appt (but not sure about the time).

Hugs again!!