14 June 2006


I'm so excited! England is playing tomorrow! Rule, Britannia!

I have this group of friends. We call ourselves the DWAFS. That stands for the Dead Women Authors Film Society. We've been meeting for ... seven years? six years? ... to watch movies based on books written by women who are dead. And to gossip and pig out. We've watched all of the Jane Austen adaptations we can find, Little Women, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Rebecca, Cold Comfort Farm, The Secret Garden, The Lady Vanishes, Wuthering Heights, etc. etc. We also have watched some great foreign films--like Eight Women, Run Lola Run, Bend It Like Beckham (is foreign, no?) and our beloved Amelie to name a few--and the occasional black and white classic, just to deviate from the usual DWA. Wow, I really should try and put together a definitive list of titles we have screened over the years...

Anyway, I just love these girls! Through the years we've gone through lots of life changes--a college degree, a marriage, an admission to grad school, three babies, a few new careers, a few trips to Europe, and a few moves cross-country (and back, thank goodness!)... The latest great news is my friend, Elisa's engagement! It's so wonderful having this group of girls that lead such diverse lives, yet share such a passion for all things English and of course all things Jane Austen!

A few of them (those of us that don't have your typical 9-to-5 jobs) are coming over tomorrow at 11:30 to watch England kick some Trinidad & Tobago ass and to eat cucumber sandwiches and scones. Cheerio!

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