27 June 2006

hello again... naturally

So I haven't written in a while. I could blame it on having 2 babies. But we all know that they are not the real reason...

Reason number 1: I am addicted ADDICTED to the World Cup! If you put your ear up against our (recently painted a fabulous shade of purple) front door, you would hear the sound of cheering. It's surprising to me how loud I am while watching these games. I shouldn't be surprised--my dad and my brothers are very animated while they watch football. But I didn't know I had it in me. Jonathan has to keep popping his head out of his office from time to time to either tell me to keep it down or to ask what the hell just happened. The recent match-up of England versus Ecuador was crazy! The gorgeous Mr. Beckham did his thing and bent the ball and then proceeded to puke on the field a little later in the game. Awesome. (They say it was because it was so hot in Stuttgart. I think it was the excitement.)

Reason number 2: In between games, I have been painting. I painted our bedroom a gorgeous taupe color last weekend. This weekend I painted our front hallway. Nothing crazy, just cream. But it looks super. It's funny. My friend, Elisa, was sitting in my living room a couple of weeks ago and she was like, "Are you guys going to paint in here?" And I'm like, "We did." True, the cream isn't very exciting, and I guess it definitely is a departure from our last house which was soooo colorful, but it sure would be nice if people even noticed all my hard work. Sigh.

Reason number 3: would have to be having 2 babies. Although their cousin, Emily, was over every day last week and she was such a big help! She thinks it's so much fun to feed the Lion and change his diapers, so I let her. Who am I to deprive the girl of some fun?

My Lion is so cute. He loves to chew on his fat, little hands. And Blue says "please" now. We ask her, "What do you say?" And she chirps out, "Peas!" It was cute, the other night during a soccer match (what else?) I missed something the sportscaster said and I asked Jonathan, "What did he say?" And Blue, right on cue, yelled, "Peas!" from behind the couch. What a doll...

This morning Jonathan was leaving for work and as he was grabbing his bag, she said "Purse." Then she followed him to the door waving and saying, "Bye! Bye! Bye!" When he got to the door, she said, "I love you!" Jonathan and I were so surprised. We looked at each other and said, "Did she just say I love you?" at the same time. So of course he had to come back and pick her up and hold her for a little while before leaving and of course I had to cry.


Jeff said...

I like your blog!
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Aunt D said...

Two things - First, thanks for the picture of Beckham puking. I was reading this during my lunch.

Second, thanks for the pictures of the kids. Just loving seeing them. I see Miss Personality is still being her usual self!! You made me cry again.