25 July 2006

Best Day Ever

My babies rock! They ROCK!!!

First, we actually all three made it out of this house and to the movie theatre on time! Then, we sat down--the Lion in his baby carrier, Blue on a booster seat. The movie started and Blue watched with her head down. She did not make a sound. I kept talking to her, to make sure she wasn't nervous because it was so dark.

"Who's that?"

"Do you see Elmo?"

Every now and then she would whisper "Big Bird" under her breath.

The Lion watched the movie, too. I held him on my lap and gave him a bottle. He drank the whole thing with his big, googly eyes glued to the screen.

The movie sucked. Mandy Patinkin was in it. He was a bad guy. With humongous eyebrows.

Vanessa Williams was in it, too. She was the Queen of Trash. Or something.

I stayed as long as I could and then I asked Blue if she wanted to go get some ice cream. She said, "Okay," so we left. I think they would have made it through the whole movie, but it was just so Godawful...

So then we went to Friendly's and had some lunch.Blue  had a strawberry sundae. Lion slept the whole time we were there. I'm telling you, it was a perfect day.

Jonathan will be shocked. He is prepared for all sorts of horror stories when he gets home.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a nice day, even with the bad movie. Can't wait to see these special children in 3 weeks!! Keep these great pictures coming! I just want to reach into my computer and give them a big hug.

Aunt D