07 August 2006

from the Onion

Least Recommended Toilet-Training Books For Children

1. Only Girls Wipe
2. The Domineering Mother and Her Obsessively Neat Son
3. Little Timmy Disappears Forever
4. The Berenstain Bears Shit in the Woods
5. No Longer Mama's Baby
6. Mermaids Are Girls Who Pushed Too Hard (and Other Stories)

posted in honor of my Bluebird, whose favorite words right now are "poop" and "potty" and "poopin' intha potty"


Amy said...

Ian and I are laughing so hard right now.

Amy said...

Hey, I want to see a mixtape from you, too.

girlysmack said...

Have you been reading Deron's blog, too?

Amy said...