16 August 2006


And now for a sad, sad tale...

Jonathan, Blue, the Lion and I were just returning from a visit to the Wal-mart.

Before we even realized what had happened, while we were both trying to get Blue to come with us into the house, she stuck her hand behind one of our shutters. Jonathan yelled "No!" and said to me, "There are probably wasps back there."

Well, you can see where this is going...

I went in the house with Lion and Blue ran over to Jonathan, who picked her up and carried her into the house. Suddenly, she started screaming and crying and saying, "Outside!" over and over. So at first I thought she was upset that we made her come into the house. Then I noticed she was clutching her little hands together.


So we ran cold water over her hand and watched as one of her beautiful little fingers grew to be twice as large as her other fingers. We gave her some Motrin and I carried her up to bed.

It is awful, awful to watch Blue cry. I mean to watch her really cry. She has little mini-meltdowns all day long (have I mentioned she turns two on Sunday?) where I need to sit her down and ask her, "What's the matter? Why are you crying?" But this crying was in a completely different league. This was I-am-in-pain-Mommy-make-it-stop crying. It broke my heart to hear her. My Blue is so tough. I've seen her bump into things, fall down, basically take knocks that would definitely bring me to tears.

It was horrible. Horrible. I am seriously, absolutely terrified of wasps and I would rather be stung over and over than hear my Blue cry and see her little finger swell up like that.

Parenting, as they say, is not for wimps.

My list of 6 things I hate should have been:
wasps, wasps, wasps, wasps, wasps, wasps--how dare you bastards sting my Blue?!?! I am glad you die after you sting someone, you miserable, horrible creatures! I hope it's really painful. I hope you suffer.

They do die, don't they?

After I put Blue to bed, Jonathan went outside, found the wasp nest behind the shutter and sprayed an entire can of wasp spray on it. Take that, wasps!!! Die die die!!!!!!


Amy said...

Poor baby! I hope that she feels better. It's so awful to see them hurt and not be able to do anything about it.

your said...
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Sally said...
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Ann said...

I am such a newcomer-blogger that this is the only way I know to respond to your kind, touching comments about my blog, where you mention the smoke in your husband's hair. I am so glad it maybe makes you appreciate him a little more. As for wasps, it hurts so much when your baby hurts and you can't be all-powerful in making her hurt go away. But just being there with her will teach her that (1) she can get through it and (2) she's not alone.
All the best,