18 October 2006

Creepy crawly

The Lion is crawling now. He started on Saturday. Mom said, "I'll bet he's really fast!"

He isn't.

He is gaining a little speed, but he is still very jerky. It's a little like all those creepy movies, like "The Grudge" or "Gothika" where the ghosts move all jerky and digitalized. But he is getting a little better coordinated every day. He gets really mad if I go into the kitchen and leave him in the living room, even though we can see each other. He will growl and yell and follow me--like an angry puppy.

It's a little disconcerting that he doesn't stay where you put him anymore. I will set him down by the couch and dash into the kitchen for a second, and when I turn around, he is over by the TV. I keep forgetting he is mobile now. The other day, he was almost all the way under the couch when I came back into the room. All I could see was his big ol' Charlie Brown head sticking out from under the couch and one fat little arm waving around and he was so mad!

I am getting so excited about Halloween! The Lion is going to be a monkey and Blue is going to be Elmo, of course. I have no idea what Jonathan and I are going to be--we are going to a Halloween party at my step-sister's house that Saturday. There is a costume contest and I really want to win, but I just realized time is running out for us to come up with something...

Poor Jonathan. All of my ideas so far have been inspired by my wanting to see him dressed up and looking completely ridiculous. He is such a tall, scowly-looking guy, that I love seeing him look absolutely silly. The best was the year we went as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love--and he was Courtney.

He was such a hit everywhere we went, even though Olivia's friends, the Gays, said that Jonathan was the ugliest woman they had ever seen. I asked him if we could go as Paris and Nicole. Since he is so tall, I thought he would make an awesome Paris Hilton. But he said, "Can I not go in drag this year?" Sigh. Back to the drawing board. If anyone has any suggestions, please, I am open to anything.

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