19 January 2007

be happy

More blueisms:
dark - darken or sometimes darkinhere (as in "It's darkinhere outside.")
pancakes - peakins
coffee - cuppy
office - ossis
zebra - doobop
I'm stuck - I suck

and then there is her personal mantra which she says about a zillion times a day - Be happy.

We have no idea how or why this habit began, but she is always asking, "Mommy happy?" "Daddy happy?" and she is always telling us, "Be happy." Which makes me wonder, Do I seem unhappy to her or something? Where on earth does this come from?!

It seems at least one blueism goes extinct every day. I could have cried yesterday when she sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (about 60 times) for my friend, Shannon, and she was actually saying "twinkle" instead of "tinkle." When did this happen? Call me melodramatic, but she is growing up so fast! I want to grab onto her and tell her to slow down! Sing Tinkle Tinkle Ittle Sar if you want to! Damnit, it's cuter! Somehow, in the midst of making bottles for Lion and wiping bottoms and making grilled cheese sandwiches, I am missing these little milestones. She can recite the entire Spooky Old Tree. She does a mean elephant impression, complete with a little trunk-swinging interpretive dance. My Blue can even say "twinkle" now. Crazy.

At least she still sings Happy Bardy to One. That's Happy Birthday to You, in case you haven't heard Blue's version.

I know, I know, get over it. Drink your cuppy, Mommy. Be happy.

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