31 January 2007

"I see dead people"

The other morning, I was walking down the stairs with Blue in my arms and we stopped to look out the window. It was very misty and still outside; everything was covered in frost.

We have a very wooded lot that is adjacent to the Fredericksburg Battlefield on two sides. The part we were looking at actually has a trench that runs along our property, parallel to our house.

"Who's that, Mommy?"

Blue has been mixing up the words who and what. Which sounds pretty spooky sometimes. Like when I am upstairs in her bedroom tucking her in at night and she says, "Who's that at my window?" (It's always the moon.)

I looked around for anything she could be talking about. I didn't see a thing. No deer, no squirrels. No signs of life.

I told her, "Those are trees, baby."

"No," she said. "Who's that?"

"Who's what?" Now I was really confused.

"The people," she said.

I looked again. "What people, honey?"

"All the people. Who's that?" she asked again, pointing.

By now I was getting a little creeped out. It's very easy for me to look out at the yard sometimes and imagine Civil War soldiers back there. And it was, as I mentioned, a very cold, still morning.

I hugged my Blue and dashed down the stairs and said, "Let's get some breakfast!"

How freakin' creepy.


Anonymous said...

The next time she sees them ask her to send them over to my house to help me clean :)


Anonymous said...

Send them to your house to help you clean ???? What a shockingly inappropriate comment. Shame on you. Educate yourself about the horrors of the Civil War, and I suspect that then you won't be making such blatantly stupid remarks. Now that you've invited them into your home, don't be surprised if some unsettled spirits pay you a visit - and they won't be cleaning your house. All Civil War veterans fought for a cause that each man felt was worth sacrificing his life for. So much suffering, so much loss, such tragedy -- and the best you can say is, "send them to clean my house" ??? You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

girlysmack said...

Um, no offense, Anonymous, but my sister-in-law, Leila, was joking. She has grown up in the Fredericksburg area and is very educated about the Civil War. And she is a veteran herself, having served in Bosnia and Iraq.