12 January 2007

lion and becks

Poor Lion is still sick. I brought him to see the doctor today for a follow-up visit. He still has 2 ear infections and he also has a sinus infection. Poor little man. No wonder he has been so miserable! We gave him an antibiotic for the full 10 days, but it did absolutely nothing. So now he is on a stronger antibiotic and (get this) a steroid! So now we can blame his massive size on steroids! I wonder if he will get roid rage... And that, folks, is all the steroid jokes you'll get out of me. I promise.

And on to the real news, (no pun intended) David Beckham is leaving Real Madrid to play soccer here! Well, in LA anyway, so my chances of bumping into him on the street are pretty slim, but still. A girl can dream.

and a few more blueisms:

strawberries: dobbies
Bert and Ernie: Burp and Ernie
thirteen: chicken

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