15 January 2007


Blue spent the night with Jonathan's parents last night.

I miss her.

It's nice having just one baby, though. And it's so sweet to have this one-on-one time with Lion. He gets so little of our undivided attention.  Blue is such a force to be reckoned with!

When people hear her name, they sometimes tell me, "Oh! I love that name! I had an aunt/grandmother/godmother named Bluebird*! She was a pistol." Seriously. They all use the word pistol. It's really funny.

And very, very apt. My Bluebird is a pistol, too.

So Little Lion Man got lots of time and attention yesterday. Jonathan and I went for a long walk downtown with Lion in our little hip-sling and he had the best time. He just loves being held. Then we came home and we all three took a long nap. I can do that when it's just one baby. When they are both here, they never seem to nap at the same time. It was so quiet and civilised, sitting with Jonathan in the twilight, talking about our upcoming trip to London. He said, "This is awesome, just having one baby."

"I know," I said. "I had forgotten how easy this was!"

But then I took Lion up to bed, and we passed Blue's purple room with her toys all over the place and her books strewn about and I missed her so much my throat hurt. I know she's having a great time with Jonathan's parents, but I can't wait until she's back home... driving me crazy, running around, yelling "No!" at me and bopping Lion on the head with her toy pots and pans.

My Bluebird is a pistol.

*Not her actual name.  I am not crazy.


Me said...

I am being an ignoramus here but what does that expression mean that 'she's a pistol'?
But I love that name too..Sadie :)

girlysmack said...

You're not an ignoramus! That is a very Southern expression that usually only older people use. I just googled and this is what I found:


n. (1) Someone who is really good (She's a pistol when it comes to churnin' butter); (2) Someone who is unpredictable (Got married last night? She's a pistol, I'm atellin' you!)

Anonymous said...
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Me said...

oooh...ok I get you now!
No matter how many American movies I watch , there are always these little nuanced expressions that I discover. how cool!

Amy said...
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