26 February 2007

and the oscar goes to...

...Ellen for being such an amazing host! I think the Oscars rocked this year--I mean, more than usual. Even the little repartee between the presenters was kinda cute this year. Or I am just officially old this year. Whatever.

And those wacky shadow dancers? How the hell...? Loved it. The only thing that I was kind-of ho-hum, maybe I'll get up and go pee now about was that little musical number with Jack Black and Will Ferrell. Sorry, guys. You know I love you, right? But that was pretty lame.

Why, oh, why do I cry through the tribute to all the famous people who died???? I do it every friggin' year. As if I knew these people personally. But there I was, like, Oh, my God, June Allyson died?! Why didn't anyone tell me?

And all the respect paid to Al Gore... again, I welled up. Am I PMSing? Maybe. But it's just so nice to see him getting some love. And what a different country this would be if only... If only.

Anyway, in no particular order, my thumb's up for :

I am so happy he is getting himself sorted out.
I think he is so talented and he looked particularly hot last night.

Why didn't anyone like this dress?
anne i think ur beautiful. xoxo luv girlysmack from va


Amy said...

I loved Anne Hathaway's dress. I'm a sucker for black & white & bows.

Anonymous said...

I fell asleep after they announced who the Best Supporting Actress was. Seriously, WHO thought it was a good idea to wait 90 minutes before handing out the first acting award????

I thought Ellen rocked. She is the first host to really get the fact that the Oscars are NOT ABOUT THEM!!!!! Are you listening Mr. Crystal?


Anonymous said...

Robert Downey Jr - Hot! Though he got bashed for looking straggly. Sorry Erin, I didn't like Anne's outfit, that bow. Too bad, because the rest of the dress was beautiful lace. My favorite was Reece, funny that you posted her picture! I loved your review.....


Me said...

Ellen did rock!!! She is so cute:) And no, girlysmack - you didnot diss the jackblack will ferrel song...no, they were funny, say it!
ME TOO - on the crying through the tributes - every fracking year!! since I was 15.
oooh I didn't like the anne hathaway dress. I loved helen mirren's though and cate blanchet's and oh yes, maggie glynhhh's. Lovely lovely.