03 February 2007

"gotta hava wawa"

So I am a bit addicted to Wawa coffee. More specifically, to their instant cappuccino. More specifically, to a mix of half Original Cappuccino and half Low-Fat Vanilla Cappuccino. Mmmmm... so good.

Anyway, after Blue was born, I would get up each morning, force myself to take a shower--oh, who am I kidding, to brush my teeth and throw on the least smelly clothes from my bedroom floor.  Blue  and I would hit the road together. I would drag her baby carrier into the Wawa gas station so I could get a huge cappuccino and then we would head to Target so I could walk around and look at all of the pretty things that I wanted to buy.

But it got pretty ridiculous. For one birthday, 3 different people gave me Wawa gift cards! I was so thrilled, and then I asked Jonathan, "Is it pathetic that one of the best gifts I could ask for is really just a gift card to the gas station?"

Anyway, one of the managers at this Wawa was always saying "hi" to me and holding Blue while I got my coffee. And then one day, I was getting Blue out of her carseat outside of the Wawa and I hear

"Hello, BLUE! Hi, pretty girl!"

on their intercom. You know, the one they use to say, "Welcome to Wawa, pump 7?"

So Jonathan was like, "You really need to stop going there so much. How much money do you spend there in a month, do you think?" Then about a week later, we were all three going inside a different Wawa and he was joking around, saying, "Do they know you here, too?" and I'm like, "No, I've only been here about 3 times, jeez" when this cashier turns to us and goes, "Well, hello, Blue!" I was so embarrassed! I totally forgot that I had talked to the cashier for a while the last time I was in that particular Wawa! But Jonathan didn't believe me, of course! He assumed I was in there all the time feeding my addiction.

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Me said...

Wawa coffee- I don't believe we have that here in smalltownamerica. Must check this out.
I used to help out in a gas station with the boy and there were regulars who loved our coffee too and ones who came with a gift card too..heehee..was one of them you? :)
Hey, i see you are reading Thornton Wilder? Let me know how it is. I have always wanted to read him but always shied away.