15 February 2007

what else is new?

We are sick sick sick again at the Young house. Andrea called me this morning and when I answered (in my uber-sexy Nina Simone voice) she was like, "hhhhhello? Erin?"

So much for my plan to post something every day for the month of February! First, our server was down for two whole days, and then I got sick.

I love saying "our server was down." It makes me sound like I know anything about computers! Jonathan and I kept turning the computer on and off and jiggling various wires. We had no idea what was wrong. Was it our modem? Our router? (Like I even know what that is?!) I just sat there, poking and tapping random parts of the computer, much like a monkey in a control group. Anyway, it is working again, so that's all good.

And, my brother and sister-in-law and Jonathan and I managed to pull off the hoax of the century and we threw my mother a surprise party on Saturday! It was so incredible! My mom came up on Saturday for a birthday facial and a pedicure and then we were all going to go "out to dinner" (wink, wink). Jonathan had to disable my mom's car to keep her from heading over to my brother's early, but he fixed it the next day.

My grandparents came from North Carolina and my aunt came from Connecticut and my mother's aunt and cousins came down from New Jersey. It was wonderful! We walked into my brother's house and they all yelled surprise and my mom was like, "Oh! Oh my God! Oh--is that my father?"

So a good time was had by all. Especially Blue, who I think thought the party was in her honor. Anyway, Jonathan began to feel sick on Friday and I just kept praying I would not get sick until after the party. And, magically, I didn't. But I woke up Sunday feeling like crap. And, of course, the babies are both sick, too. I wish, on days like today, that I could rent a Mommy to come and tuck me into bed and bring me won-ton soup and take care of the whiny, slimy babies for me... sigh.

Last night was nice, though. Jonathan and I gave the babies their doses of Benadryl and sent them to bed and then we watched "Project Runway" and ate Thai food he picked up from my favorite restaurant. Then we exchanged valentines, toasted each other with our Nyquil and went to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you again for one of the best evenings of my life!