11 March 2007

punk rock, kick-ass ... mom

Oh, I almost forgot! I had my hair cut again yesterday. I know I just had it cut, but that was really just a chop to take the length off, this time I had it styled. I don't have a picture of myself with it yet, but it's like Meg Ryan's haircut in this picture:

What I love about this style is the hairstylist told me, "You can't screw this up; the messier your hair is the better." Perfect.

I just can't decide if I really, really love it or not. I can't decide if I look kick-ass and a little like a rock star, or if I now have a typical mom hairdo. It's a fine line. You wouldn't think it is, but it is.


Anonymous said...

I am sure you look stunning - can't wait to see you or pics. :)

I was updating my e mail address book and realized I have prob been sending e mails to you that you weren't getting. :( I need your email address (our server has changed to verizon.net, but evrything else is the same).

Have a great day!


Me said...

I miss Meg Ryan.
ANd I am sure you look awesome.
22 more days!

Anonymous said...

Your hair really does look great!


girlysmack said...

awwww, thanks guys