21 March 2007

reader poll

I have a style dilemma. I know I said I was cured. But. Whatever.

I need to know before I blow $3.00. Black fingernails? Cool or not? Here's a picture from the web (that's not my hand, I swear!) to help you decide:

I am seeing reputable cosmetic brands selling various shades of black nailpolish and I have secretly always wanted to try this look. Seriously. Is it too trendy? Or just stupid on someone over the age of 14?

Please, I need advice from my loyal fanbase! (Haha, all four of you!) Tell me, yes or no?


Olivia said...

If you want my honest opinion here it is. I love the look only if the polish looks impeccable. If it is chipped and rough looking then you might as well develope a drug and alcohol problem and starting hanging with Paris and Lindsey.

Andrea said...

i agree with olivia. it is trendy right now, but what i appreciate that it is done classier this time around. so i would say do it for a day or two...maybe for a night out with a cute outfit.

Andrea said...

i have a typo. oops i'm trying to eat a bagel drink coffee do email and get out of this not so lovely hotel in iowa. we head to kentucky today. fun times.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't do the black; I don't think it is the look you are going for. A dark red or maybe a chocolate that has some shimmer in it, which would look classic and trendy.

Anonymous said...

that was from me Roxanna

Me said...

oh yes.
I have always wanted to have black nail polish but my skin tone is too dark for it to stand out so I settle for maroon or dark purple
But yes! go for it atleast for once. And if you hate it, atleast it's not a tatoo right?

Anonymous said...

To me, it's not pretty.


Anonymous said...

My nails are always black from just being a guy who likes working outside digging in the dirt, so take it from me- it ain't too pretty! I don't want a creepy, gothy wife!!!! Who is my cute pink girly-girl wife turning into? You aren't going to start collecting Hello Kitty stuff, listeing to Emo music and cutting yourself now, are you? Ha!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm not crazy about black either, too goth. It can't be the least bit chipped. But it certainly wouldn't hurt to try it. It's easy enough to fix if you don't like it.

Aunt D

Anonymous said...

Thumbs down on black nail polish. Waaaaay too Beetlejuice.

Go for dark red or maroon, much classier.


bingobill said...

hi erin
it's cousin bill pepe
i say buy 2 bottles one for you and 1 for your mom. the apple didn't fall far from the tree lol

it's real gothic but you can always take it off. try it . fulfill your fantasy. why not.

your blog is real cute.

i bet you are both excited about london. have a great trip and good luck making a decision if you haven't already.
your mom mentioned it to me and she sounds very supportive.

take care. we will be getting together in connecticut next month
can't wait
love bill