09 March 2007

weighing in

I am starting a mental list of things I will miss if/when we move to England. Here's what I have thought of so far:

  • talking to my Mom on the phone every morning
  • looking around my kitchen during one of the kids' birthday parties and seeing my mom, my dad and stepmother, Jonathan's parents, my brothers and sisters-in-law, Jonathan's sister and brother-in-law, my step-sister and her husband, and my niece and nephew all together in one room eating cake
  • being just a few hours away from my grandparents
  • this gorgeous house and yard
  • getting together with the DWAFs each month
  • being able to meet up with my friends from elementary school every few months to watch our children play together
  • Wawa coffee (at least there are plenty of Starbucks there)
  • Target
  • goldfish crackers
  • the amazing biscuits at KFC
  • Mexican food (I hear it's crap over there)

actually, you can scratch that last one. The kind of Mexican food I like is pretty much crap. I'm sure a true Mexican would shudder at the bean burritos I make for lunch with Taco Bell taco sauce!

Things I am looking forward to:

  • hearing delicious English accents everywhere
  • being able to travel more
  • Boxing Day
  • really good chocolate
  • access to great Indian food
  • also, access to more foreign films
  • all of the strange potato chip flavours!
  • spelling words like flavour with that extra "u"
  • BBC
  • exposure to more international news (anything other than Anna Nicole Smith)
  • the cooler weather
  • no mosquitos
  • being able to watch soccer on tv (without paying for premium channels)

Things I am very happy to hear I will not be leaving behind:

  • gardening
  • Grey's Anatomy (although I'll be paying for premium channels...)
  • the Oscars (although I will be watching them late at night and without the DWAFS
  • the beach
  • Borders
  • Thanksgiving (I can cook up a turkey and some mashed potatoes wherever we are, right?)


Anonymous said...

Feeling a little unimportant now since you mentioned every other family member!

girlysmack said...

You know I love you! (This is my Aunt D, right?)

Me said...

You'll also get lovely biscuits (or cookies) that can be dipped in lovely coffee or tea
And oh afternoon tea, did you mention afternoon tea?
And more holidays def. more holidays, if J. decides to live there, right?

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention missing WalMart.


Anonymous said...

Once you go, I wonder how many more times my parents will see your kids....