21 April 2007

London - Day 1 - 11 April 2007

the following is from my journal:

I am in London!
I am in London!
I am in London!

Good night.

Haha I wish! I am so tired. I just sprawled across the bed in our hotel room (Jonny is in the shower) to write and my feet are throbbing. I keep asking him, "Was it some kind of cruel joke to bring me to Lincoln first and make me walk up and down that steep hill a few times before taking me to London?!"

Today Andy drove J an I to London, to drop off our bags at our hotel (carry them up 3 flights of stairs) and then walk. He showed us the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. James Park, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Chinatown.

What a whirlwind!

And then he left us to eat dinner in Chinatown while he headed home to Gabriella and Teresa. Jonny and I were so tired we started our dinner very quietly ... remarking only on how strange it felt to be on our own and how delicious the food was.

But the meal gave us more energy to start talking -- my Jonny and I almost never run out of things to say unless we are very tired -- or very angry!

I cannot believe I finally finally saw Westminster Abbey today -- and it was such torture to just look at it from the outside and not get to go in. But we wanted Andy to get to see as much as he could, since he was only here for a few short hours and we are here all week.

All week.

Another week without my Blue and my Lion. I miss them. So much, I ache inside. I can never be away from them like this again. Not while they are so little. I am constantly looking at my watch, calculating what time it is there, what they may be up to... It has been 6 days since I held my Lion or heard my Blue call me Mommy. And I have 6 more to go.

But I don't want this to be a sad journal.

Tomorrow we go up in the London Eye. And I finally get to see the Tower!!!!!

I am signing off now -- so I can read up more on the Tower for tomorrow. Cheers!

the obligatory photo with the guard, 11 April

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