18 May 2007


"It's over. It's so over."

-Meredith Grey, on the season finale of Grey's Anatomy last night, freakin' idiot that she is!

What ever. How I will get through this summer with no new Grey's Anatomys or Losts is a mystery to me.

And does this mean that Dr. Burke is off the show for good? I mean, I know he is apparently a homophobic ass in real life, but I really enjoy his character on the show.

And, since Olivia and Adrienne were over last night, I watched the season finale of Ugly Betty, too, and even though I've only seen about 3 episodes of that--the finale was really good.

Olivia and Adrienne and I tried to be good last night. We tried, sort of, to eat a little healthier. Let's just ask the question, "How unhealthy is butter pound cake?" On second thought, let's not ask the question. I don't really want to know.

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