24 May 2007

ho hum

I was watching Oprah the other day and she had these people on who are trying to lose weight. They are trying to follow a diet and exercise regime laid out for them by Bob Greene, Oprah's trainer-guy. This one woman was about my age and while she was talking to Bob Greene, I had this Aha! moment. This woman used to be a beauty queen and she used to be very athletic. (Neither of which apply to me, I admit--my moment came later in the discussion.) She got married and had some kids and then let herself go like so many women do.

Most women who have children and then let themselves go blame it on basically forgetting they are a Woman and Not Just a Mommy. They say they are so busy taking care of everyone else they don't take care of themselves.

Not to sound heartless, but I get tired of hearing that. Blah blah blah. I am a Mommy. But I still want to look good for my husband and I still want to be healthy and live a long life. Maybe I am just too selfish deep down to ever forget that I am a Person and Not Just a Mommy. I take breaks from my babies. I am not their only parent--Jonathan is very involved and gives me time to unwind from them.

So this woman didn't give the same old song and dance about taking care of everyone else first and not herself blah blah blah. She said she thought she was Uninteresting. She was Bored.

They showed a picture of her, lying on the couch, watching tv, eating junk food.

I immediately sat up straight on the couch, turned up the tv and put my box of cookies on the coffee table.

That's It!

That's how I feel!

I am Uninteresting. I am Bored.

I never have anything interesting to blog about, because I am Uninteresting. I don't call my friends because I have nothing new to tell them about my life. I am Uninteresting. And I am Bored. I bore myself.

That's my problem. Now how do I solve it?

And Leila, before you even begin to tell me to exercise, let me tell you I started. I feel so lame even mentioning it because it is not much to brag about, but I am mentioning it to forestall your telling me to exercise to cure my boredom.

The last 2 days I ran on our treadmill. 2 minutes a day. Go ahead and laugh. This is only the beginning, people. I hope.

One day I will be this awesome runner and I will be able to say, "Man, when I started running, I could barely run for 2 minutes!"

Besides, I tell Jonny, I have no excuse now. Who is so freakin' busy she can't fit a 2 minute workout into her day?


Olivia said...

Hey, I know of something cool that you could blog about......like RSVPing to Adrienne's bday dinner June 23rd! Then when you and Johnny have the best darn time ever with me and all of our other fabulous friends you will have even more to blog about.
See, I am always helpful with the suggestions. :)

BTW, you go girl on the exercise! 2 minutes may not seem a lot but in total you have added 4 more minutes to your life with your wonderful husband and amazing babies. I am really proud of you!

girlysmack said...

awww, shucks. Thanks, Olivia!

Andrea said...

if you are so uninteresting, why do i check your blog almost EVERY day? i wait patiently for a new dose of erin.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Andrea. I check your blog all of the time waiting for updates, you dork!

Good for you with the exercising. It helps in soooo many facets of life. For me, the weightloss aspect of it has become almost secondary. I feel healthier, physically and emotionally, when I exercise regularly. Plus, running is my only true "me" time.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Andrea.... I was talking to Tim the other night and I said something about your bolg and he was like how often to you read it.... I stopped for a minute and thought about it.... Well I guess I check it every day. I love reading your blog. I think that you are very interesting, and you don't always have to have something new to say to tell a friend Hi. Trust me haha Shannon and I talk on the phone just about everyday and we work together so there really is nothing new to talk about with her haha. I guess what I am saying is… we all find you interesting and you shouldn't be so hard on your self. Have a good day


Anonymous said...

I don't think you're boring; I think many of us just feel boring because we don't have paparazzi(thank God, actually!) and we don't have a new designer outfit to wear everyday. I know deep down that that kind of life isn't what you or any normal person really wants, but when a handful of people are deemed so 'interesting' that they get a photo taken just for going to Starbucks or the grocery store, it can make even our best occasions seem to pale in comparison for their lack of media coverage. Personally, I enjoy your ability to 'cover' your own life experiences, especially your trip to England. I went in 1994 and want to return very much. Thank you for taking us all along. : )
Melanie in San Diego

girlysmack said...

wow! I feel so loved...

thanks, everybody!

Me said...

Geez - I feel like this - uninteresting - sometimes