07 May 2007


I sold a lot of our things on Saturday at this community yard sale. It was very strange, watching people paw through my belongings. I tried not to make eye contact.

And I felt somehow rejected when someone looked through my stuff and then walked on. I mean, obviously I don't want these things anymore, but why don't you? I felt like asking.

We made almost $400. But we only sold about half of our stuff. I think I could have sold a lot more toward the end, but the yard sale got rained out an hour early.

So now what? I have made up my mind I definitely don't want these things anymore--I even put price tags on everything. Do I just give it all away to the Salvation Army? Do I give it all away for Christmas? That would be hilarious. Merry Christmas! It's a used baby bathtub seat!

So now it is all sitting in our garage in Rubbermaids, waiting for me to figure out what to do next. Another yard sale, maybe?

As I was setting everything up on Saturday, Lion and Blue were in the Pack-and-Play while Jonathan drove back to the house to get a second truckload of stuff. Some people came by before the yard sale had really started and were looking at my things as I unpacked.  Blue watched them all very closely, and any time someone touched anything, she told them, "That's Mommy's." I don't think it was a particularly helpful sales strategy.  Lion wasn't any better. He just sat beside her screaming his little head off.  He hates the Pack-and-Play. Or he hates yard sales.

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