03 July 2007

hear me roar!

Jonathan taught me how to use the lawnmower tonight. I know, I know... Laugh if you must. But I never, ever had to mow the lawn growing up. Which is awesome because we had a pretty big yard. But with 2 older brothers, I never had to learn how. Come to think of it, our house was a little sexist growing up. I helped with the laundry and the ironing (I can hear my mother saying, When did you ever do that?) and my brothers mowed the lawn and took out the trash.

But tonight, Jonny taught me how to use the lawn mower. And I mowed the whole back yard. I loved it. I can't wait to do it again! Why didn't anyone tell me how much fun this is?!

Jonathan is such a wonderful husband. As I was happily mowing away, he took some pictures of me mowing the lawn and brought me a big glass of water. He says he is very proud of me. What a doll.

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Roxanna said...

I know what you mean by it being a lot of work. I had to mow my lawn for the first time last week. But I didn't really think it was that much fun haha.