27 July 2007

my newest addiction

is Monarch of the Glen. Thank you, Olivia, so very much for introducing me to Archie. I was up half the night watching the show and now the voices in my head have Scottish accents.

I love this show. I wish we got BBC. Or lived ... sigh ... you know where. (Over the pond.)

Archie reminds me of a shorter, not quite as cute version of my own Jonny. But he has an English accent, and fabulous thick woolen sweaters. And big ol' 90210 sideburns like Jonathan had when we met. In case you were wondering, I have already asked him if he will grow them back out for me.


Olivia said...

YAY!!!! Welcome to the "We Love Archie" fan club! Just FYI, you can get the other seasons from the library. :)

Dark Fury said...

Oh, my sweet Lord....Archie...och, aye to that!