16 August 2007

"it says right here it is a dessert wine... "

My darling, my friend, my Olivia brought this to my home the other night. Fabulous. I am (as I have already stated) not a wine connoisseur in any way shape or form, but mmmmmmmm is all I can say. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Torley Fortuna, people. It is a sweet, sparkling Hungarian wine. But I didn't think it was too sweet. Just bubbly and lovely.

Olivia said, "I'm getting a lot of apricot and honey; what about you guys?" I thought, I'm getting a bit of a buzz, does that count? But, yeah, it was definitely sweet.

And it served its purpose. Livi called me before heading over and asked what sort of dessert she should bring, and I was so sick of the noise in the house and the toodler who wouldn't touch her dinner and the toodler who had eaten his dinner but had also smeared his food all over the table and himself... I snarled something into the phone that sounded like, "Just bring something/anything with alcohol in it and bring it NOW!"


Olivia said...

Man, it was a race against time to see who would post about this wine first. :)

Roxanna said...

I am right there with you Erin I know nothing about wine and I really don't like most of it but my sister-in-law Shannon has been trying to help me fine some that I like. It is fun to try different ones. But I like the sweet wines.