01 August 2007

laugh if you love Jesus

So I watched the movie "Saved" the other night with Jonny and Olivia, and I thought it was pretty funny. And it has inspired me to post this little collection of terrible, but also terribly funny gift ideas for the bible beaters on your Christmas list.

1. the Moses Action Figure

2. The St. Sebastian pincushion

I saw this pincushion online and I think it is hilarious. If I were more daring, I would buy one for my stepmother, Judi. She sews amazingly (I was going to say she is an amazing sewer--but is that right? That looks like sewer, as in "a waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water" to me.) and she loves studying the bible. Anyhoo, I thought this was awfully funny.

3. the holy toast

I sent this link to my good (Catholic) friend, Shannon, a few months ago because I thought she would appreciate it. If you're tired of waiting for a real miracle, you can use this little contraption to create a slice of toast with the Virgin Mary's image on it. Yum.

4. the Last Supper lunch box

5. the Christian equivalent of a Magic 8 Ball
This little Jesus will literally answer your prayers:

6. Wash Away Your Sins Soap

7. And for the Catholics, the Pope on a Rope

8. And, lastly, my favorite, After the Rapture Breath Mints

The slogan on the little box reads "for those of us who aren't going anywhere." Awesome!


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girlysmack said...

Do whaaaaat?