21 August 2007

poor me ... poor, poor me

Both babies are sick as well. I have given them both medicine and some juice, and then Lion promptly threw up so I have no idea if any of the medicine is in his system, but giving babies cold medicine is so scary, I am not giving him any more.

The only food we have in the house is leftover party food, most of which is spicy, so I had to throw together this little pasta dish and Lion is on his fourth bowl of it and Blue's on her third, so here's the recipe in case I forget what I did:

Mommy's Bland Little Buttons and Bows

bowtie pasta, boiled in chicken stock

drain the pasta and dump it back into the hot pot

add a little bit of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil
salt and pepper
a moderate sprinkling of parmesan cheese
diced tomatoes (leftover from a Dora fiesta!)
Polly-O string cheese, sliced into skinny "buttons"
sliced olives (again, leftover from a certain birthday bash)

I could really toss almost anything bite-sized into this for some variety, but since the Lion is now on his fifth bowl (pray he doesn't throw up again!) and Blue is on her fourth, I am sticking strictly with this combination from now on!


Roxanna said...

I am so sorry to hear that you guys are not feeling well... I hope you all get better soon.

Retainer Girl said...

Poor Erin. I hope you're feeling better.