16 August 2007

two, going-on-thirteen

My niece, Emily, has been coming over during the week to hang out and help me with Blue and the Lion. And it is awesome and I have no idea how I ever got by without her. She comes over before I am awake in the morning, so this morning, for example, she had already gotten Lion up and fed by the time I staggered down stairs. I even get to sit here with my coffee and blog a little while she hangs out with them in the living room. Right now they are all watching "The Lion King." Blue loves that movie. She calls Scar "Scarf."

I cannot believe her birthday party is in three days. We are having a Mexican/Dora fiesta here in the backyard. Blue told me the other day her party is going to be at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Monday I spent forever drawing Boots onto a big piece of graph paper. I am going to use it as a template for her birthday cake. It will look something like this:

(I hope) only much, much bigger and the drawing took me forever. So I was showing it to Blue after it was finally finished, and she immediately got all dejected. And sighed. "I can't want a Boots cake. I want a Dora cake."

She is getting a Boots cake.


Retainer Girl said...

I am excited!

Dark Fury said...

I have to work on Sunday. Damn the man! I work from 11-5 on Sunday so I will miss the birthday fun. I am very bitter about it as I was looking forward to cake.