30 September 2007


The DWAFS are meeting tonight at Kris K's house. The theme this month is Oktoberfest, so I have no idea what film Kris K has managed to dig up, but knowing her penchant for obscure foreign films, I'm sure it's not going to be Run, Lola, Run. (Which we have already watched, thank you very much.)

I am making a recipe that I copied from Jonathan's Tante Inge while standing in her little kitchen in Stuttgart, watching her bake one while we were visiting them 5 years ago. It is her apple cake and it is going to kick some serious ass! Seriously. My kitchen smells so fantastic right now that I have a sad sneaking suspicion that the apfelkuchen will arrive at Kris K's with a piece already cut out of it. I am going to have to taste it first, people, to make sure it is as freakin' delicious as it smells!


Olivia said...

Yeah, right.

Roxanna said...

Your apfelkuchen turned out really good!