22 September 2007


Blue loves Cake. The band.

We were in the car today and the song "Let Me Go" was on and Blue was like, "Is this Cake?"

I said, startled (Jonathan must have told her it was Cake), "Yes, it is Cake."

She said, "I love Cake."

What the... ? Is she not 3 years old? What happened to the Wiggles?


Retainer Girl said...

Better Cake than, say, Insane Clown Posse. Liking Cake just makes Sadie cooler than she already is.

Amy said...

She's got great taste!

Olivia said...

Yeah, Sadie is way cooler than I am. I am really lucky that she is my friend. :)

The People's Poet said...

Oh, her taste isn't that good, people. I mean, her second favorite band is 2 Live Crew, after all.
It is funny though driving down the road hearing, "Me love you long time!" from the back seat of the car.

Anonymous said...

That ROCKS!!! Way to go Sadie