14 September 2007

ups and downs

The Lion was getting into the cabinet under the sink, handing me the Clorox Anywhere spray and telling me, "Hereyougo!" So ...

I close the cabinet firmly: "Lion, do you want some pancakes?"

(He is so heartbreakingly easily distracted, that kid!)

He toddles over to the fridge and chants: "Pakins! Pakins! Pakins!" excitedly.

I open the freezer and pull out the frozen pancakes.

The Lion throws up his arms and cheers: "Yay! Yaaaaaay! Pakins! Pakins! Pakins!" and then he adds a grateful, solemn: "Ank yoooooooo."

I tear open the packet of pancakes, and all 3 frozen pancakes fall off of the kitchen island and onto the kitchen floor, where they roll around.

The Lion says: "Oh, no!" and stares in confusion at these runaway solid discs that do not resemble his soft, mushy, chopped up, syrup drenched breakfast.

I laugh and think to myself, 3-second rule, and chase down the wayward pancakes. I put them on a plate and pop them in the microwave.

The Lion sees the microwave door close and starts to cry. "Pakins! Pakins!" he wails sadly, dramatically stretching out his fat little arms towards the microwave.

I give him his sippy cup of milk and he is instantly cheered. "Nyuk! [Milk!] Nyuk! Nyuk! Yaaaaaaay!"

It can be exhausting paddling along with Lion on his tides of emotion.

I could go on, describing his excitement at getting into his booster seat, his contentment seeing his pancakes delivered, his frustration with his fork, his utter despair when I provide a different fork, his anger as he throws the new fork on the floor, his bliss at mastering his fork on the very next try, his sheer joy as he eats his pancakes quickly and silently, his shock at finishing the pancakes followed by tears, his instant joy when I produce a box of raisins ... but you get the picture, I'm sure.

For now I drink my coffee and watch my son eat his raisins. God, I am so in love with this boy...


Anonymous said...

I am too!


Roxanna said...

Wow was a rollercoaster of a life Jack has....I had no idea haha

P.S. Pictures please : )