09 October 2007

askin' ain't gettin'


I want.

I cannot explain this. I don't even fully understand it.

Today I was in Target with the toodlers and I found myself in the dog aisle. And we don't have a dog. What was even weirder was when I was unloading my cart onto the conveyor belt and there were 2 dog bowls and a chew toy in there. I didn't buy them, of course, because we don't have a dog.

But I want one. And what I want is an English bulldog. Jonathan and I spent hours looking at videos of other people's bulldogs on Youtube Sunday night. You know you really need a pet when you are watching videos of other people's pets sleeping and you think it's cute. They are cute, though. Apparently, English bulldogs snore.

But it is silly, right? I mean, is it just that we haven't had a pet in almost a year? Or that both of our dogs were so clearly Jonathan's dogs and not mine? Or that the Lion seems more and more like a little boy and less and less like a clingy baby? Or that my life is not insane enough with these 2 toodlers underfoot and I need a puppy to chew my house to shreds and pee on everything?

And of course I am crushing on some fancy breed (read expensive) when our other pets were all from the SPCA or found wandering in our neighborhood... Is it because the breed is English? Because I already have supercute English names all picked out, whether the puppy be a boy or a girl.

Yes, people, I have got it bad.


Sarah said...

In case you needed a little extra push...don't forget to consider the breed specific rescues and petfinder.com. (This coming from someone who is the proud mom to 3 dogs and 1 little girl.)

Roxanna said...

I say go for it!!!

jeremyandchristina said...

My brother wants the same dog!! :)

Jenn M said...

Dog's are awesome :) I think you should get one for sure.

Retainer Girl said...

Are you insane?

Anonymous said...

What Sarah said.....